Sunday, April 13, 2008

In love

In love??

Have you ever been in love? Scary isn't it? It makes you sensitive. It opens your heart and brain so that someone can get inside and mess you up. You may build up all these armors, you build up a whole suit of bulletproof vest so that you may not hurt, then one stupid person, deviate your stupid life. You give them an example of you. They didn't buzz for it. They did something mute one day, like kiss you or express friendliness at you and then you're not the owner of your life anymore. Love takes prisoners. It gets inside you. It consumes and allows you crying in the darkness, so clear in the phrase “we meant to be friends forever” turns into a pieces of glass directing into your heart. Your heart seems bleeding and aching. Not just in the mind power,but it is a soul hurt. A real situation that makes everyone cry.

Others may adore for the love while others may hate. Sometimes love can inspire us and it gives assistant to our life. But of most of the time it will give contribute an heartaches to us.

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