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MMFF 2009 Awards Night Winners

The list of winners of the recently concluded awards night of Metro Manila Film Festival 2009 held last night at the SMX Convention Center of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.
Best Director – Joel Lamangan (Mano Po 6)
Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award – Mano Po 6
Best Supporting Actress – Heart Evangelista (Mano Po 6)
Best Supporting Actor – Phillip Salvador (Panday)
Best Actor – Bong Revilla (Panday)
Best Actress – Sharon Cuneta (Mano Po 6)
3rd Best Festival Picture – Ang Darling Kong Aswang
2nd Best Festival Picture – I Love You Goodbye
Best Picture – Ang Panday
Best Production Design – Ang Panday
Best Visual Effects – Ang Panday
Best Theme Song – Ang Panday
Best Child Performer – Robert “Buboy” Villar (Ang Panday)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Facebook Privacy

Want privacy on Facebook? Here is how to get some
Over the past week, Facebook has been nudging its users — first gently, then firmly — to review and update their privacy settings.

You may have procrastinated by hitting "skip for now," but Facebook eventually took away that button and forced you to update your settings before continuing to use the site.

After finally accepting Facebook's recommendations or tweaking the privacy settings yourself, though, you might have made more information about you public than what you had intended.

At the same time, Facebook has given users many granular controls over their privacy, more than what's available on other major social networks.

So if you want to stay out of people's view, but still want to be on Facebook, here are some things to look out for as you take another look at your settings.

1. Some of your information is viewable by everyone.

Everyone can see your name, your profile photo and the names of work and school networks you're part of. Ditto for pages you are a fan of. If you are worried about a potential employer finding out about a quirky fetish or unorthodox political leaning, avoid becoming a Facebook fan of such groups. You can't tell Facebook you don't want those publicly listed. Your gender and current city are also available, if you choose to specify them. You can uncheck "Show my sex in my profile" when you edit your profile if you don't want it listed, and you can leave "Current City" blank.

2. Your list of friends may also be public.

Facebook also considers your friends list publicly available information. Privacy advocates worry that much can be gleaned from a person's list of friends — even sexual orientation, according to one MIT study. But there is a way to hide the list. Go to your profile page and click on the little blue pencil icon on the top right of your box of friends. Uncheck "Show Friend List to everyone." Either way, those you are already friends with can always see your full list.

3. You can hide yourself from Web searches.

There is a section for "Search" under Facebook's privacy settings page, which is accessible from the top right corner of the Web site under "Settings." If you click the "Allow" box next to "Public Search Results," the information that Facebook deems publicly available (such as photo, fan pages and list of friends), along with anything else you have made available to everyone, will show up when someone looks up your name on a search engine such as Google. The stuff you've limited access to in your profile will not show up.

This is useful if you want people you've lost touch with, or potential work contacts, to be able to find your Facebook page. If you'd rather not be found, uncheck this box.

A second setting, controlling searches within Facebook, lets you refine who can find you once that person has logged on. Limit searches to friends only if you think you have all the friends you need and don't want anyone to find you when they type in your name to Facebook.

4. Beware of third-party applications.

Quizzes and games are fun, but each time you take one, you first authorize it to access your profile information, even if you have made that available only to your friends. You're also letting the app access some information on your friends.

Under "Application Settings," Facebook lists all the apps you have opened your profile up to. If you no longer want to authorize access to "Which Golden Girl Are You?" you can always remove it by clicking on the "X" next to its name. Apps you use regularly, such as Facebook for Android if you update your status from your mobile phone, should stay.

Next, by clicking on "Applications and Websites" on the privacy settings page, you can edit whether your friends can share your birthday, photos and other specific information. Remember that applications can access your "publicly available information" no matter what.

The security firm Sophos recommends users set their privacy settings for two of Facebook's own popular applications, notes and photos, to friends only.

5. Go over your list of friends.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends. But many people interact with a much smaller group when commenting on status updates, photos and links. So it doesn't hurt to occasionally review your list of your friends to get an idea of just who can view your status posts, vacation photos and funny links you've shared over the years. Don't feel obligated to add anyone as a friend, even if that person adds you first. For professional acquaintance you don't want to snub, send them to a LinkedIn profile you can set up. Some workplaces and schools have rules about Facebook interactions between bosses and employees or students and teachers.

6. Create custom friends groups.

If you have friended a lot of people, sort them. Think of the groups you interact with in real life — co-workers, college buddies, girlfriends, grandma and grandpa — and organize your Facebook friends in these groups, too. Go to "All Friends" under the "Friends" button up top, click on "Create New List" and fire away. Then decide what aspects of your profile, and which status posts and photos, these people will have access to. Or, simply create a "limited" list for acquaintances or distant relatives and limit their access.

7. Customize your status posts.

Type "I'm hungry" into your status update box. Click on the little lock icon. You'll see a range of privacy controls pop up, letting you either allow or limit access to the post. If you want, you can even hide it from everyone by clicking "Only Me" under the custom settings. Click on "Save Setting." Repeat with each post, or create a default setting for most updates and increase or decrease privacy as you see fit.

8. Let your friends know you have boundaries — in person.

Many of us have woken up on a Sunday morning to find that an overzealous friend has posted dozens of photos from that wild party we barely remembered — the good, the bad and the hideous. Chances are, they didn't do this to embarrass you, though if they did you have bigger problems. Rather, they probably don't know that you don't want these photos posted. Sure, tweak your photo privacy settings on Facebook. But if someone starts snapping pictures of you at a party, ask them to check with you before posting it anywhere.

9. Never assume complete privacy.

Even for the most tech-savvy person, unflattering photos, incriminating text messages or angry status posts about work have a way of worming their way out in the open. Just saying.

By BARBARA ORTUTAY, AP Technology Writer Barbara Ortutay, Ap Technology Writer – Thu Dec 17, 3:54 pm ET

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Rebellion in Maguindanao? Cabinet officials give mixed answers

By Purple S. Romero, abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak | 12/12/2009 1:11 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Is there really a rebellion going on in Maguindanao that warranted the martial law declaration?
Two days into the joint session held by Congress, cabinet officials said yes—and no.
Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera said there was an ‘actual’ rebellion going on. But Executive Sec. Eduardo Ermita, in the same joint session, said there was no ‘actual’ rebellion. He said there have been some ‘firing of guns’ and that the groups are just re-grouping for a possible attack.
The existence of rebellion was Malacañang’s reason for issuing Proclamation No.1959, which placed Maguindanao under military rule.
However, critics doubt if there really is an armed revolt in the province, as the report submitted by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to Congress only showed that ‘the Ampatuan group has consolidated a group of armed rebels.’
Most of the armed rebels, however, belong to the private army of the Ampatuans who are being alleged as the mastermind of the massacre of 57 people last November 23.
There are allegedly no testaments of attacks against the local authorities, which is required under Article 134 of Revised Penal Code to justify rebellion.
No courts: the trigger for martial law?
Devanadera and Ermita, however, both referred to the absence of local court justices who have the power to issue search warrants or warrants of arrest that the military could use in their local operations against the perpetrators of the Maguindanao massacre.
“Courts weren’t functioning, even today. Processes availed of came from other provinces. With respect to removal of allegiance [and others, there were reports from] the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines, military] and the PNP [Philippine National Police} that ‘armed men’ were not following orders from duly-constituted government but merely from Ampatuans,” she said during the interpellation of Sen. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino.
However, when the third speaker – Cong. Edcel Lagman – came up at the podium, the replies of Executive Sec. Ermita did not entirely jibe with Devandera’s.
Lagman inquired about the basis of the proclamation. “Honorable Executive Secretary, was this collective decision recommending to President, based on an actual finding by those making recommendation that actual rebellion is occurring in Maguindanao?”
Ermita replied that actual uprising had not been a factor. “Not on whether actual fighting going on.”
He said that the actual determination of elements of rebellion came from “reports that armed groups indeed prevented authorities from exercising duties, reports of PNP, DILG and NBI that there was difficulty in obtaining warrants,”
Ermita stressed that “because no judges willing, hence necessary to declare martial law,” he replied.
Looming or actual rebellion?
On Wednesday, Day 1, Justice Secretary Devanadera, answering to the interpellation of Maguindanao Rep. Didagen Dilangalen, said that there is ‘actual’ rebellion.
She based the ‘actual rebellion’ tag on the existence of armed groups that have already taken hold of ‘strategic offensive positions’ in the province—and has caused the breakdown of the local courts.
Earlier, however, Devanadera said there was only a ‘looming rebellion,’—not an actual one.
‘Looming rebellion’ as basis for martial law declaration came up on Dec. 5. Not long after—3 days to be precise—the Devanadera was saying that there was already ‘actual rebellion.’
“I thought that there was only looming rebellion,” Devanadera said, but added that ‘further study’ of on-the-ground-reports coming from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police showed that there is already ‘actual rebellion.’
Ermita: no uprising
However, when the third speaker – Rep. Edcel Lagman – came up at the podium, the Executive Sec. Eduardo Ermita said the exact opposite.
Lagman inquired about the basis of the proclamation. “Honorable Executive Secretary, was this collective decision recommending to President, based on an actual finding by those making recommendation that actual rebellion is occurring in Maguindanao?”
Later, Ermita admitted that there is no ‘actual rebellion.’
“You may be correct there was no actual rebellion going on but all indications on the ground indicated inability of authorities to undertake their duties,” he told Lagman.
Where’s the fighting?
Since the state of emergency was proclaimed in Maguindanao on November 24, Ermita also said that there have also been no violent clashes between state agents and the armed groups.
Pressed by Sen. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino if hostilities have erupted, Emita said that they gathered information that the some groups were ‘preparing.’
“No clashes, but they were just regrouping,” he said.
Meanwhile, PNP chief Jesus Versoza said that there had been one encounter between the Special Action Forces and the said rebels since martial law was proclaimed.
“There was an actual encounter between Special Action Force and rebel 3 days ago. No casualties,” he said as a response to the query of Sen. Francisco Pangilinan.
He added that there have been no other clashes, but there were ‘firing of guns,’ from the groups.
as of 12/12/2009 3:55 AM

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Galit Sa Puso.

May galit sa puso ko. Pelat na sadyang hindi na ata mawawala kahit kelan. Idinulot ito ng taong kilala ko rin. Tinuruan nya kasi akng magalit at malamang habang buhay ko syang kamuhian. Hindi lng SIYA. kundi marami SILA! Ang isa nga namatay na pero dito sa puso ko hindi ko pa sya napatawad.

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The bobs plotter scratches beside the precedent.

The bobs plotter scratches beside the precedent.
Now that you've added your blog, we need to make sure that you own this blog.
Create a new post on your blog. Copy and paste the randomly generated sentence shown above exactly as it is given anywhere in your new post. Publish the new post so that it is viewable at your blog's URL.
Once this sentence is on your blog, come back to your PPP account and press the claim blog button. You can remove the post after you have successfully claimed the blog.

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PGMA Scheduled her trip to MAguindanao

President Arroyo spokesman said on tuesday that PGMA will go to Maguindanao this week to release a command conference and to comfort the families of 57 victims of the awful massacre in the said province last week. According to Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, the peace and order situation in Maguindanao had to be taken into consideration that's the reason why the president scheduled her trip to the province a week after the massacre.

Remonde told reporters"It would be very irresponsible for any president to go when the authorities have not yet secured or restore order (in Maguindanao)," after a rally in support of Mrs. Arroyo's congressional bid in the Second District of Pampanga.The Concerned members of the Ampatuan Clan will only look for a review of thier expulsion from lakas-kampi CMD once they have been cleared of any engagement in the massacre said Remonde.

"They stand charged of crimes against humanity. They stand charged of something that has become a big black mark against the nation and therefore, they have to clear themselves first before they can stand before the honorables of the ruling party and the administration."Remonde also said about the ruling party will reconsider the expulsion of the Ampatuans.Right away, after awful killings,the Lakas-Kampi CMD National Executive Committee, upon the recommendation of former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr., the party chairman, had discharge Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr., Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr., and ARMM Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan, who is also Lakas- Kampi CMD regional chairman.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prime suspect in Philippine massacre surrenders

AMPATUAN, Philippines — A scion of a powerful clan suspected in the massacre of 57 people in an election caravan in the southern Philippines turned himself in Wednesday amid mounting pressure on the government to crack down on lawlessness and warlords.
The dead from Monday's massacre include the wife, family and dozens of journalists and supporters of a gubernatorial candidate who wanted to challenge the rival Ampatuan clan, which has ruled Maguindanao province unopposed for years.
Andal Ampatuan Jr., a town mayor who allegedly stopped the convoy with dozens of police and pro-government militiamen, surrendered to presidential adviser Jesus Dureza in the provincial capital of Shariff Aguak, said military commander Lt. Gen. Raymundo Ferrer.
He boarded a military helicopter to a nearby city, from where he will be flown to the capital, Manila, for investigation, Ferrer said.
"The family voluntarily surrendered him and they agreed that he will be investigated," he said.
Ampatuan's family denied the allegations of his involvement in the slayings.
The military deployed tanks and truckloads of troops throughout the province under a state of emergency to hunt down the attackers and prevent retaliatory violence from the victims' clan.
Police and soldiers on Wednesday found 11 more bodies at the site of the attack, bringing the death toll to 57. Six of the bodies were discovered in a large pit buried alongside three vehicles, and five were found in a mass grave a few miles (kilometers) off the main highway.
The vehicles — a sedan and two vans — were crushed by a large backhoe that ran over and buried them, investigator Jose Garcia said.
Ampatuan's surrender followed days of negotiations between his family and Dureza, apparently in a bid to prevent hostilities between the clan's followers and government forces.
Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno said he had warned the Ampatuan family they risked a military attack unless they turned over Ampatuan Jr. by midday Thursday.
Ferrer said the area around the provincial capital was tense after troops disarmed about 350 pro-government militiamen loyal to the Ampatuans. The militia is meant to act as an auxiliary force to the military and police in fighting rebels and criminals but often serve as a politician's private army.
The clan, which has ruled the province since 2001, helped President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies win the 2004 presidential and 2007 senatorial elections by delivering crucial votes.
Arroyo came under intense pressure at home and abroad to seek justice for the victims of the massacre, with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and media and human rights watchdogs voicing their concern over the scale of the killings.
The vice Mayor of Buluan township, Ismael Mangudadatu, after receiving death threats, sent his wife and relatives to submit his candidacy Monday when the convoy, including at least 18 journalists, was ambushed.
Mangudadatu said four people whom he refused to identify told him Ampatuan Jr. was seen with the gunmen.
Five police officers, including one provincial police chief, were relieved of duty and will be brought to Manila to face the investigation together with Ampatuan Jr., Ferrer said.
Arroyo vowed justice for the victims and declared a national day of mourning.
"This is a supreme act of inhumanity that is a blight on our nation," she said in a statement. "The perpetrators will not escape justice. The law will haunt them until they are caught."
Few think she will be able to restore the rule of law in the impoverished region that has been outside the central government's reach for generations, and where warlords backed by private armies go by their own rules. Maguindanao's acting governor is Sajid Ampatuan, another son of former Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr., the clan's patriarch.
Human Rights Watch expressed concern that the administration's relationship with the family would hinder an impartial investigation. Arroyo's ruling party, in an emergency meeting late Wednesday, expelled Ampatuan Sr. and his two sons.
Among the 18 dead journalists — the highest number of reporters killed in a single attack anywhere in the world — was Alejandro "Bong" Reblando, 53, a former Associated Press stringer. He was the most senior in the group of reporters. Reblando, who was based in General Santos City, was a staffer for the Manila Bulletin daily newspaper.
He covered the southern Philippines for the AP from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, reporting on the Muslim separatist insurgency as well as local politics.
He is survived by his wife and seven children.

Maguindanao Massacre: It's now 57 Bodies Found

The death toll from an attack on a group of journalists and politicians in the southern Philippines rose to 57 after 11 more bodies were recovered on Wednesday, police said.

According to the police, 11 more bodies were recovered and now the death toll from an attck on a group of politicians and journalist in Maguindanao, Philippines.

Chief Superintendent Josefino Cataluna said that six (6) bodies were recovered from shallow graves and an added five were pulled out of graves just before dusk.

The massacred occurred on Monday within the same way as on the order of 100 gunmen allegedly linked to a powerful local politician, Andal Ampatuan, abducted a group of aides and family member of a rival politician, plus a set of journalists.

The victims were kidnaped as they were travelling in a party to nominate the rival, Esmael Mangudadatu, as the opposition candidate for regional governor in elections next year. Mangudadatu was not in the convoy.

They were shot by close range, a few with their hands tied behind their backs, and dumped or buried in shallow graves on a remote rural road close to a town bearing the Ampatuan surname.

Source : http://www.smh.com.au/world/philippine-massacre-death-toll-rises-to-57-police-20091126-js6s.html?autostart=1

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maguindanao massacre: 47 bodies so far (Part 1)

At least 21 killed in suspected poll-related violence in Maguindanao

Maguindanao, two other areas under state of emergency

PRESIDENT GLORIA Macapagal-Arroyo has declared a state of emergency in volatile Maguindanao province and two neighboring areas to contain lawlessness following politically motivated killings of officials, lawyers and journalists.
A student holds a bunch of flowers as prayer offerings for the victims of election-related violence in Maguindanao province while shouting anti-government slogans during a protest outside Malacañan Palace in Manila, Nov. 24. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo placed two Mindanao provinces and a city under emergency rule yesterday after at least 46 people were killed in the worst-ever election-related violence in the country. -- <i>Reuters</i>
A student holds a bunch of flowers as prayer offerings for the victims of election-related violence in Maguindanao province while shouting anti-government slogans during a protest outside Malacañan Palace in Manila, Nov. 24. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo placed two Mindanao provinces and a city under emergency rule yesterday after at least 46 people were killed in the worst-ever election-related violence in the country. -- Reuters
As this developed, Presidential Assistant for Mindanao Jesus G. Dureza, head of the crisis committee, yesterday said the Maguindanao police provincial director, assistant provincial director and police officer-in-charge of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Ampatuan town have been placed under "restrictive custody."

"Also included are the RMG (Regional Mobile Group) members whose names came up during the initial investigation," said Mr. Dureza, who went to the area yesterday along with Interior Secretary Ronaldo V. Puno and Acting Defense Secretary Norberto B. Gonzales.

There is no word, however, if politicians from Maguindanao, including three-term Governor Datu Andal S. Ampatuan, who was identified by Buluan Vice-Mayor Datu Esmael G. Mangudadatu as principal suspect, were also placed under police custody.

Bodies recovered from the crime scene rose to 46, Lt. Col. Romeo S. Brawner, Jr., spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, said in a text message yesterday.

"For now, I could not say anything about the Ampatuans but we will make a report including the Ampatuan side," Mr. Dureza said.

Unconfirmed reports said four people escaped when the vehicle they were riding immediately stopped upon seeing more than 100 armed men blocking the path of the convoy on its way to the Commission on Elections office in Shariff Aguak town.

The four are reportedly under the custody of Mr. Mangudadatu, whose wife Jenalyn Tiamson-Mangudadatu was among those killed.

The Mangudadatus and Ampatuans were former allies but had a falling out when Esmael declared his intention to run for Maguindanao governor against the governor’s son, Datu Junsay, in next year’s general elections.

The other son, Datu Zaldy Uy Ampatuan, is governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Mr. Dureza said the Mangudadatus have assured them of leaving it all to authorities to render justice.

State of emergency

Stepping in on the issue, Mrs. Arroyo issued yesterday Proclamation 1946 which put three areas under an indefinite state of emergency. This followed a two-hour teleconference with the members of the National Security Council Cabinet cluster.

"The provinces of Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat and the city of Cotabato are hereby placed under a state of emergency for the purpose of preventing and suppressing lawless violence in the area," the Palace directive stated.

With the PNP and Armed Forces as lead agencies, Mrs. Arroyo has ordered Mr. Gonzales, acting AFP chief Lt. Gen. Rodrigo F. Maclang, PNP chief Director-General Jesus A. Verzosa and Mr. Puno to personally oversee actions against the culprits.

The declaration was based on Mr. Dureza and the crisis team with representatives from the police, military, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Commission on Human Rights, among others.

Cabinet Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said none of the Ampatuans can be declared suspects as of yet.

"We need witnesses and evidences first," Mr. Bello told Palace reporters yesterday.

The feuding Ampatuan and Mangudadatu families are both Palace allies.

Hot pursuit

Meanwhile, the military and PNP are pursuing the culprits alongside the disarming of civilian volunteers in Maguindanao.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Ponce, spokesman of the 6th Infantry Division, told BusinessWorld the suspects are still within the hinterland of Maguindanao, adding they have deployed four Army companies and a dozen of armored cars to prevent the escalation of armed political conflict.

For his part, Mr. Brawner said in a separate interview that based on reports, civilian volunteers were seen to have joined in perpetrating the carnage of Ms. Tiamson-Mangudadatu’s group, which was en route on Monday to the poll office in Shariff Aguak to file the vice-mayor’s certificate of candidacy for governor.

"The police and the military have already taken actions in disarming these civilian volunteer organizations," Mr. Brawner said.

Mr. Brawner said military troops continue to extract more cadavers from the massacre site.

Special panel of prosecutors

In a related development, Acting Justice Secretary Agnes VST. Devanadera has formed a special panel of prosecutors to handle the Maguindanao massacre.

This is on top of an order for the NBI and the Task Force Against Extra-Judicial Killings and Political Violence (TF 211) to join in the probe, she said.

"I have ordered the creation of a panel to coordinate with the NBI to immediately conduct an investigation, and likewise ordered the prosecutors of North Cotabato to confer with the victims’ families for them to avail of the benefits under the Victims’ Compensation Program and closely coordinate with law enforcement agencies for the case buildup," she said in a text message yesterday.

In a separate memorandum, Ms. Devanadera said Senior State Prosecutor Philip I. Kimpo will lead the panel to be assisted by state prosecutors Bernardo L. Parico, Rassendell Rene F. Gingoyon, Bunrofil M. Altares, Aldrin Evangelista and Lamberto C. Fabros.

They will be joined by Maguindanao prosecutors Ramil Guiling and Akilala Balt.

"The [Justice department] shall expedite the investigation of these cases until the perpetrators thereof have been arrested and prosecuted to its successful conclusion," Ms. Devanadera said in a separate statement.

TF 211 Chairman and Justice Undersecretary Ricardo Blancaflor, for his part, said: "We will pursue these criminals at all cost, no matter what their status is in society, until justice is delivered."

Family feuds are common in some parts of Mindanao involving prominent clans, particularly disagreements over property ownership and old personal or even political disputes.

Violence only stops if both groups agree to settle their feud amicably, usually after paying each other with blood money to compensate for the loss of lives, or damage to properties and animals. -- Gerard S. dela Peña, Joel B. Escovilla in Davao City, Darwin T. Wee in Zamboanga City and Ira P. Pedrasa

Source: http://www.bworldonline.com/main/content.php?id=2118

Warring Maguindanao clans were once political allies

COTABATO CITY, Philippines—The Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus were once political allies. In 2001, they even joined hands in toppling an incumbent governor from power.

All that changed on Monday with the massacre of more than 40 people, including members of the Mangudadatu clan, in a village of Maguindanao province, where the Ampatuans have ruled unchallenged for years.

The ties that bound the two clans began to fray in May this year when talk spread that Buluan Vice Mayor Esmael Mangudadatu would run for governor of Maguindanao in next May’s elections.

That seemed like a direct challenge on the Ampatuans’ hold on power.

The Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus are both political allies of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In the 2004 presidential election, Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr., the patriarch of the clan, proved his worth to Arroyo by delivering votes in massive numbers for her, helping her defeat the late actor Fernando Poe Jr., amid charges of fraud.

In some towns, Poe ended up with zero votes.

In the 2007 elections, despite being pummeled by the opposition in many areas in the country, Arroyo’s Team Unity senatorial candidates routed the opposition in Maguindanao.

In all, the Ampatuan family controls 10 of Maguindanao’s 29 towns.

Explaining his political longevity, Ampatuan Sr. once said in an interview: "It’s because of popular support."

Days before Christmas in 2007, he created a sensation at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when, seeing off a son, he handed P1,000 each in cash to airport workers.

Claiming to be descended from the Shariff clan of the old Arabia, the Ampatuans entered Philippine politics in the 1930s when Datu Mamasapano Ampatuan, son of a 19th century Ampatuan patriarch, served as political adviser to his brother in-law, Datu Ugalingan Piang, who became member of the Commonwealth Assembly.

He later also served as political adviser to his father in-law, Datu Piang Tan, a member of the Commonwealth Senate.

Mamasapano, after whom a Maguindanao town was named, was the younger brother of Hadji Hassan, the father of Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr.

Of Mamasapano’s siblings, two others became mayor of Maganoy (now Shariff Aguak)—Datu Akilan and Datu Pinagayao, who served in the administrations of Presidents Ramon Magsaysay, Carlos Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal and Ferdinand Marcos.

Datu Ishak Ampatuan, son of Mamasapano, was mayor of Datu Piang town in the 1950s.

His brother Datu Mudi was municipal councilor of the Datu Piang. Both were members of the Liberal Party that was formidable in the first Macapagal presidency. Datu Ishak’s son, Zam Ampatuan, later became energy undersecretary under Ms Arroyo.

Zam’s brother Yakub is a mayor of Rajah Buayan town.

In 2002, one of the elder Ampatuan’s sons figured in a shooting incident in Cotabato City and was killed. Two days later, another son, Datu Saudi, was killed, along with 14 of his companions and supporters, in a roadside bomb attack in his town.

The Ampatuan family is often described as “traditionalist,” adhering, so it is said, to seniority in bloodline in matters of leadership selection.

After 10 years of being undefeated as mayor and vice mayor of his town, Ampatuan Sr. aimed for the gubernatorial post in 2001.

Supported by the Mangudadatus, he handily beat then incumbent Gov. Zacaria Candao.

With their political influence, the Ampatuan family backed the creation of more towns named after their forebears—Datu Mamasapano, Datu Abdullah Sangki, Datu Salibo, or even children, Datu Hoffer, Datu Saudi, and Datu Unsay, where Datu Andal Ampatuan Jr. is mayor.

In September 2005, another son of Ampatuan Sr., Zaldy, captured the governorship of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), beating known regional political figures, including the late Lanao del Sur Gov. Mahid Mutilan.

The Mangudadatus started their own reign in Maguindanao politics in 1986 during the Aquino administration when the family patriarch, Datu Pua Mangudadatu was appointed mayor of Buluan, Maguindanao.

At some point, the Ampatuan and Mangudadatu clans were close to each other.

It was said that before he died of illness, Datu Pua left his politician-children under the care and tutelage of the elder Ampatuan. The two old men had been very close friends.

A rift developed following rumors that Esmael Mangudadatu would run for governor in 2010.

Their ties snapped when the Mangudadatus purportedly blocked the creation of Adam municipality to be culled from the towns that they control in the south-eastern tip of the province. It was said that the proposed town did not meet the population criteria required by law.

The name Adam apparently comes from the name of the deceased father of Supt. Piang Adam, a former police provincial director said to be loyal to the elder Ampatuan and his son Andal Jr.

In July this year, an Adam relative was killed by armed men. Police later disarmed some Mangudadatu followers.

Source: http://politics.inquirer.net/view.php?db=1&article=20091124-238115

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Pacquiao Vs Cotto

Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto -The Latest Updates.

Manny Pacquiao Profile
Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao
Age: 30 yr old
Division: Light welterweight
Belt: The Ring Belt / IBO 140 Lbs
Country: Philippines

Record: 49 - 3 - 2
KO: 37 (75.5%)
Rounds Boxed: 293 rounds

Height: 5'6 1/2"
Reach: 67"

Last Opponents:
Ricky Hatton - W TKO 2
Oscar De La Hoya -W TKO 8
David Diaz - W TKO 9
Juan Manuel Marquez - W SD 12
Marco Antonio Barrera - W UD 12

Miguel Angel Cotto Profile
Miguel Angel Cotto
Age: 28 yr old
Division: Welterweight
Belt: WBO Welterweight
Country: Puerto Rico

Record: 34 - 1 - 0
KO: 2 7(77.14%)
Rounds Boxed: 226 rounds

Height: 5'7"
Reach: 67"

Last Opponents:
Joshua Clottey - W SD 12
Michael Jennings - W TKO 5
Antonio Margarito - L TKO 11
Alfonso Gomez - W RTD 5
Shane Mosley - W UD 12

Source: Fightnews.com, abs-cbnnews.com

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Manual Link Submission to Url Directories

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome Back PR3!!

Welcome Backk PR3!!weeeeeee... I'm happy to see u again.. Now my blog is do-follow and no..no..no... SPAMMER!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some Informations On RTG Casinos

If you haven't caught on yet, you should know that RTG casinos can be pretty fun. Just think about all the money you can make and the people you can talk to from the comfort of your own office chair. Don't rush into it though! Make sure that you read a few things about RTG casinos first. There are a lot of rules to follow, and they are there for a reason, after all, without rules there would just be chaos!

Play Mechanics

Before you begin to play, there is software to install. The RTG site that you are using will have this software and it will be readily available. So long as you actually have a computer and internet connection, this will be no problem.

Prepare to play, but only after you do these things:

*To begin your download, you will want to pick an RTG casino, and when you have done this, it's time to register. Create a new account in the lobby, and then decide how you want to deposit money into the account. There are many methods that you can use. You could use a credit card, or you could use a wire transfer. It's really up to you, and the options available will depend on what RTG you use. Finish your registration process and click OK.

*You will need to head over to the lobby to deposit your money. When you go there, there should be a 'Cashier' option. This will allow you to make your preferred deposit and you will get in on the game, which is what you've been waiting for.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Very Special Dinner ♥♥♥

What: Celebrating Jean (Oct. 03) and Kenneth's (Oct. 13) Birth Anniversarry
Where: Penongs Peoples Park Branch
When: October 02, 2009

Special thanks to :
☻Mommy Vale for Goldi Cake
☻ Tatay Jam  for Macadamia Chocolate
☻Kenn for paying the Bill
☻Clent, Denz,Kurt, Czy, Jezza and Bro Dandan for coming.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrating 25 Years of Awareness, Education and Empowerment.. 
Go for the Pink Ribbon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick update!

DEar Diary,

What a bad day... wala na gid man gali sang tawo nga maka intindi sa akon. Sakit huna-hunaon pero amo ina ang matood... T_T

Kon sin-o pa ang tawo nga ginasaligan mo nga intindihon ka amo pa ang numero uno nga magbaliskad. haha! How pranning I am naman nga cge pa salig noh? Ara man tani akon sarili nga pwd ko saligan.. toinkz ano daw? wala ko kaintindi sang gin type ko haw.. ahehehe amo lang to gusto ko lang ipaabot nga DISSAPOINTED ako today. What a bad DAY! grrr! letse!

Ay hoo gali nalipat ako nga perti ya kalipay ko yesterday ti amu guro ning balos eh.. hehe anyway, nakadaog ako sa raffle draw sa opisina namon.hehe First Prize gid kag Blender ato. I love it! Thank you ESPC  -*

Gusto lang man tani ang tawo nga makaintindi sa akon, Daw unfair tana ning life haw... understanding man ko kag nga wala sang naga understand sa akon.. nyahaha  egetness.. goodluck to me dulang. :P


2 Things to Quit If You Want to Get Out of Debt

There are two things you absolutely have to quit if you want to get out of debt. Neither one of them involves you changing your spending or saving habits, either!

These two things you need to quit in order to get out of debt come before any action on your part. If you want your efforts to get out of debt to really be effective, you must first make two shifts in your attitude. Only then will your actions propel you in the right direction.

1. Quit blaming the economy. Or the bank. Or the credit card company. Or your parents' bad spending habit that you unfortunately picked up. While you're at it, quit blaming yourself as well!

Blame isn't going to get you anywhere. Even if it did, the you that racked up all that debt is different than the you that's trying to erase that debt forever. So lay off the economy and lay off your parents. And if you want to get out of debt (or fix any other mess you have in your life), lay off yourself. Blame won't get you anywhere.

But responsibility will. That's why you have to take responsibility for your debt. Even on the off-chance that someone else ran up all your credit cards and you are irrevocably stuck with the bill, it's now your responsibility.

When you blame someone else, you frame your problem as something that someone else has control over. And when you blame yourself, you spend energy tearing yourself down.

When you take responsibility, you take control of your situation. Your mental attitude then empowers you to own your situation. Only then will you be able to do with your situation what needs to be done.

2. Quit dwelling on how deep in the red you are. It's good that you finally realized the full importance of what it means to be in debt. And it's good that you realized what it means to have your specific debt. After all, you can't adequately take care of a problem until you've identified it, and taken stock of how large (or small) it is.

Realizing how big your problem is important--but it's only a single step. And it's certainly not a process that will solve anything.

Nobody ever fixed their problems by thinking about how bad those problems were. Instead, they thought about how good their lives could be if they fixed those problems--and then got to work doing whatever they needed to do.

You activate the Law of Attraction every time you pair a focused thought with a strong emotion. Anyone who is in debt is likely to have some pretty strong feelings about it. But since you get more of what you focus on, it's better to focus on the happy feeling that you will someday get out of debt, than on the sad feeling that you're already so far in it!

I know how overwhelming this feeling can be--I was once over a million dollars below the black! But I eventually figured out that I wasn't going to change anything for the better if I worked for the good but dwelled on what was bad.

Take responsibility for your situation and spend your emotional energy on how good you're going to make things. Only then will you have the right frame of mind to get out of debt!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


 Hapit anay kag makadlaw ta.

Iloy kag Drayber

Iloy: Para! Pasakya ko nong!
Drayber: Sige sakay na, diin ka makadto haw?
Iloy: Dira lang sa unhan nong ah! May bayad and puya?
Drayber: libre lang ng puya mo ah, lapit man lang bala naugan nyo.
Iloy: Hoo nong, ti ang magsabak may-ara man bayad?
Drayber: Wala bayad ah.
Iloy: Cge maayo eh.. Nak, Pungko kag sabaka ko...

Nobyo kag Nobya

Daku gid problema ko ba..
Nobya: Ay indi gang ah, kon problema mo.. problema ko man ina. Palangga ta ang isa kag isa indi bala? Ti ano na  ATON problema gang?
Nobyo: Napabusong NATON si Inday kag KITA ang tatay...

Customer kag Tindera

Customer: Manang, kape gani.
Tindera: Tag 5 lang na to..
Customer: Diba daw tag 4 lang ina?
Tindera: Ay ay toto.. mahal dun abi ang gasolina subong.
Customer: Aw ah.. kape lang ya akon nang, indi lang butangi sang gasolina.

Bana kag Asawa

Bana: Gang, umpisa subong ikaw nalang guid. Bayaan ko na akon tanan nga kabit.
Asawa: Sige gang. salamat gid ha.. promise sa sunod ta nga bata ikaw na guid ang tatay sini. I swear :P

Bana: Gang, naka-save ko ug 7.00 subong kay ginlagas ko ang jeep, wala ko nagsakay. hehe
Asawa: Ay abaw! gang, diin nagkadto utok mo man? tani taxi nalang imo ginlagas para 50.00 imo na save.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


STI Alumni Association (STIAA)


(1) System Developer
- At most 35 years of age
- Graduate of computer or IT-related course
- Knowledgeable in ASP, PHP, C#, HTML, and Dreamweaver

(1) Operations Support
- 21-30 years of age
- Graduate of computer or IT-related course
- Preferably has one (1) year related experience
- Knowledgeable in PC assembly and troubleshooting, networking, and
POS system

(1) Encoder
- At most 30 years of age; Female
- Graduate of any 4-year course
- Preferably has at least 1 year experience in Purchase Order (PO)

(1) Warehouse Manager
- Male
- At least college graduate
- Has exerience in logistics and warehousing
- Has good communication and leadership skills

(1) Mall Manager
- At least college graduate
- Has at least two (2) years related experience
- Has excellent communication and human relations skills and team
leadership background
- Has strong business sense

Submit resume to:

PEOPLE Select 'Em
New City Commercial Corporation
NCCC Headquarters (NHQ) Building
Gempesaw Ext., Davao City


Monday-Thursday : 8am-5pm
Friday : 1pm-5pm

For inquiries, you may call us at:

(082) 225-8550 or 224-0186 loc. 102, 104, 113, and 114

You may also visit this link for more information:

www.nccc.com. ph/index/ job


Is a fast growing, dynamic institution specializing in visa processing services. Committed to provide hassle-free visa processing to its client by providing all out assistance during the entire tedious procedure of visa application up to the visa approved candidates's deployment to where ever in the world is in need of:


Ensures effective implemenof marketing strategies to be able to to achieve or exceed enrollment target.

- Male/Female, not more than 30 years old
- A graduate of any 4 year course
- At least 6 months work experience
- Background in sales, marketing, business development and/or
recruitment is essential
- Must be goal-driven, self-motivated, aggressive and result-oriented
- Strong leadership ability
- Outgoing and influencing
- Commendable Interpersonal Skills
- Excellent written and oral English communication
- Computer literate

***** Willing to work in Gensan, Koronadal, Kidapawan, Tagum and Davao

Apply online at: isearchdvo_cleo@ yahoo.com

Please specify the location where you wanted to apply.

For more details you may call telephone number (082) 222-3922/0922843127 7.

Or you may submit your resume personally to:

The Branch Manager
Isearch International Co.
Door 9 B.S Inn Bldg., Monteverde St., Davao City
Contact No. +639228431277

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Claim Your FREE Gifts from Raymond Aaron NOW!

Claim Your FREE Gifts from Raymond Aaron NOW!

Stop "setting goals" the traditional way -- because it's the WRONG way. (This secret alone skyrockets income effortlessly!)

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Double Your Income by Following Your Heart

Double Your Income by Following Your Heart
The error that most people make is fearing to do what they love.
People who are already in a job or business think that at least there is income to put food on the table and a roof over the head. True. But, on your death bed, do you really want people around you commenting on that your life was about food and roofs? I do not think so.
Refer to the lives of anyone you respect. Ghandi. Michelangelo. Picasso. JFK. Nelson Mandela. Think of these lives. Were their lives about food and shelter? NO. Their lives were about service. Their lives were about doing only what they loved.
OK, so maybe you and I will never become historical icons ... but our lives can still be about making a difference on a smaller scale and our lives can be about doing what we love so that we feel fulfilled.
Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest architect since Michelangelo hundreds of years ago, on his 80th birthday was asked: "What is the most important building you've designed?". He replied: "My next one". Was he a workaholic? NO, he simply did was he loved so fully that he wanted to do more ... even at age 80.
What do you love to do? How can you do more of that and less of what you do not love? Take a step towards what you love ... every month ... and take a step away from what you do not love ... every month ... soon your life will be only what you love and you will have made it. Bravo.
What do I love? I love teaching. That's why I fly around the world giving speeches. That's why I blog. I love teaching. What do you love?
Double Your Income by Following Your Heart
Raymond Aaron,
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've got Joy


Hey all, 'twas a long time since my last post here. Lol, I got busy, very busy to my work. Toinkz... Since my working time changed into night shift, I dont have enough time here in blogging world. POOR me. Hehe.. yes, yes, yes...missin blogging so much. T_T.

But anyway, I just wanna share this cute text message sent my ex officemate James Danac. Haha! This message caught my attention.

“If sincerity is about trust , then why others cheat?

If loyalty is a product of honesty ,then why others lie?

If sacrifice leads to suffering, then why others still choose to do it?

If saying iloveyou is romantic, then why others silently cry?

If kisses can ease the pain, then why others commit suicide?

If smiles are so sweet, then why bitter tears still falling?

If true love can build up a relationship, why cant it answer all WHY's above?”

Wanna share also this Worhsip song entilted “I've got JOY”

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
Where? Down in my heart!
Where?Down in my heart!
I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart,
down in my heart
down in my heart to stay.
And if the Devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack.
Sit on a tack.
Sit on a tack.
And if the Devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack
Sit on a tack today.

The kids sit on the floor and shout "OUCH"
and repeat this until the song is over.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Cory Aquino-Has passed away

MANILA, Philippines -- Former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino has passed away.

She was 76.

Her son Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III confirmed that she died of cardio respiratory arrest at exactly 3:18 a.m. Saturday at the Makati Medical Center.

Mrs. Aquino has been diagnosed with colon cancer early in 2008 and has been confined at the Makati Medical Center for more than a month.

Mrs. Aquino, widow of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., will be remembered as an icon of democracy, having led a military-backed popular revolt in 1986 that ousted a dictator who ruled the country for 20 years.

Source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20090801-218235/Cory-Aquino-dies

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Essentials of Search Engine Optimization SEO

Hey guys! wanna share you this article. I love it! hehhehe thank you Mr. author.. It helps me a lot.

The Three Essentials of Search Engine Optimization SEO

There are of course many factors that go into your online success; everything from lead generation to having the proper advertising system in place. However there is one element which you will find indispensable to your online success and that is web site search engine optimization commonly referred to as SEO.

SEO refers to the process of constructing your website in such a way that it is looked at favorably by search engines like MSN, The Google and Yahoo. This in turn leads to higher rankings, more internet traffic and free advertising for your website. What makes seo optimization so important is the fact that over 80% of your site traffic will arrive via the search engines. For this reason alone, having a good web site seo strategy in place is essential.

There are a variety of factors you need to consider when putting together your strategy but these three standout in particular:

1. Keyword Prominence

Where do your keyword search terms show up first? Usually the closer your keywords appear to the top of the page, the more prominence search engines give them. This is because they crawl the html code of your site before the content. Putting keyword search terms into places such as your title can give you a distinct advantage over other webmasters who only use keywords in their content. The trick is not to overdo it by stuffing too many keywords (or worst keyword search terms that have no relation to your web content) into the head tags of your html code.

2. Inbound Link

Back in the day, it was vital to get reciprocal links to your website. Search engines placed a lot of importance on who you were linking to and vice versa. Not anymore. Instead of link exchange, search engines are placing more value on inbound links commonly referred to as backlinks. In essence, search engines view this as a kind of referral system. One site is recommending another without having to reciprocate.

To make backlinks really work, you must get them from sites which already rank well in the search engines. All of this does not mean reciprocal links are of no value. A quality link exchange is still looked upon favorably by the search engines and you should definitely use this technique for your website. But concentrate on getting those inbound links first and foremost.

3. Web Site Content

While search engines do value your keyword prominence and amount of backlinks to your site it still comes down to what's on your webpage. The internet is at the dawning of a video revolution but that only means more information will be required. Content is king and will be for a long time.

Write as many unique and quality articles as possible and place them on your website. If you want to, you can outsource this process or just visit the article directories and find content related to your niche and use it on your website. Be sure to read the term and conditions in regards to using other people's articles. Grow your web content slowly, so it looks more natural to the search engines. Update the information frequently.

The importance of web site search engine optimization cannot be overstated. A site that is ranked favorably can bring in tons of free internet traffic. Evaluate your keyword prominence; focus on getting good inbound links while concentrating on providing useful web site content and the search engines will start bringing more and more internet traffic to your website.

Article Source: http://www.talkingcity.com/showthread.php?t=9296

Award From Molit <~~feel free~~>

Got this award from

my officemate MOLIT. Thank you Girl! I love it. [teary eyes]

I'm passing this award to my fellow blogger to Rhapsody, Love Collections and Health Collections

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Forever Friend


A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
(Proverbs 17:17)

Twas March 10, 2008 when we first met, our partnership was started and friendship was created.

We met because we're officemate [nyahahah kaklaro ana, weather I like it or not we're meant to be officemates]

Our partnership started because we've the same client. [team8 mi ani uie weather I like it or not gi-hired pud sya sa among client hehehehe]

And last but not the least, we became friends because.......hmmm, dunno why maybe because we're both friendly. harhar!

I have a multitude of friends. Wherever I go, people know me [hahaha hambugera]. But she's one of the blessings that God showered upon me.

She can comfort me when I am depressed [what is KATAPAD] She can dare me when I allow myself to get beyond our reasonable boundaries. She can lead me when I am ready to give in and she can determine for me when life backslide apart. I just want her around to cry, to laugh, to act silly, to enjoy some mutually liked activity [unsa pa, TSISMIS eh kaklaro sa CCTV hmmp]. In many ways She enriched my life and made me feel loved, accepted, respected and cared for. She also acted as my sister..ehehehehe..

And now, after 1 year and 3 months of working with her..nanananan.., My contract with our client was ended last June 15, 2009. Too difficult but I need to accept that she can't be my forever teamate. This is it! Again and again, I need to adjust and look forward for the next client. Goodluck for both of us then. hehehe

I'll be missing Belle and our client too. T_T And I won't forget this awesome friendship we have. And wishin' that our great relationship will last [uyab gud mi] ahahahha[teary eyes].

Im glad that once in my life I met Belle and we became good friends. I owe this all from the company we're connected [agentsofvalue.com] and to our client [selfgrowth.com]..

Ok lang na ga, nabuhi gani ko for 21 years nga wala ka meaning ani mabuhi japon ko..hehhehe

Aja! Luvyuga!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Belated Happy 23rd Madame Czyrel Trumata


*Tiguwang(sakit tuhod permi) :P
*Si lola ng Tropa
*Bootan(hala pangutang mo sa iya)
Char lng...
*Gwapa(dili nlng ko mu-react)
*Tsismosa, Himatayon ug Tabian
*Hawod sa LB
*Nice Companion
*Brave and Fearless
*Emotional and loving
*Intuitive and imaginative
*Shrewd and cautious
*Protective and sympathetic
*Changeable and moody
*Overemotional and touchy
*Clinging and unable to let go
*Agent ni sya sa Eversun SPC
*Anak ni Gemma
*Member sa Tagum Coop
*Inlove ni sya kay Junnel
*Friend ni sila ni Problema
*Day Dreamer
*Very independent
*A blogger
*understanding & caring
*Inner & physical beauty(Atik lng)
*Treat friends importantly
*She loves me
*Love nya among tropa
*Hilig sa phone calls
*pang kabet ang beauty :P

Wish nku nga dili na nimu pas-anon ang kalibutan ha..kay mabuskag jud imong ilong ana bah.. hehehe


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Belated Happy Bday Jam!


Psalm 37:23-24

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the LORD upholds him with His hand"

A-daptable and versatile
M-ighty army of God

C-harming and Caring



Sunday, June 7, 2009

We'll miss you Cy-Cy


Sa dihang mao ni ang gi-takna nga si Cy-Cy mamiya na,, dili na mi ani officemate T_T.. ehhehehe Ym2x nlng jud tirada ani.. saon nlng,,

Si Cy-Cy...

♥Boutan *_*
♥Good Friend..
♥Determined and Forceful

☻Caring and Loving
☻Nice Companion
☻Mentor nku(sya lang nkabalo kung ngano) :P
☻ug daghan pa.. lisod kaayo isa-isahon...

☺Wala nay magdistirbute ug kape sa amoang lane.
☺Kulang na ang Dagan Force namo every morning..
☺Wala nay katapad si Munis.. :P

Pero isa lang ang shortcut ana... Mingawon jud ko sa iyaha.. Amping kanunay cy.. Salamat sa Friendship :-*

You Are My Friend

Patti LaBelle

You are my friend,
I never knew it 'til then
My friend, my friend

You hold my hand,
You might not say a word
But I see your tears when I show my pain

You're--- my, my friend
I never knew it 'til then
My friend
I feel your love,
When you're not near
It helps me make it knowing you care

The thought of you helps me carryon
When I feel all hope is gone
I see the world wit brand new eyes
Your love has made me realize
My future looks bright to me,
Oh because you are my friend
Da, da, da, da (ad lib)

I've been looking around and you were here all the time.
Da, da, da (ad lib)
I've been around and around and around and around
Da, da, da
I've been looking around and you were here all the time


Thursday, June 4, 2009



Thank You CrisMay Ramos(my friend in yahoo messenger) for sharing this message to me..

I am complete in Him Who is the Head of all principality and power (Colossians 2:10).

I am alive with Christ (Ephesians 2:5).

I am free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2).

I am far from oppression, and fear does not come near me (Isaiah 54:14).

I am born of God, and the evil one does not touch me (I John 5:18).

I am holy and without blame before Him in love (I Peter 1:16; Ephesians 1:4).

I have the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5; I Corinthians 2:16).

I have the peace of God that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

I have the Greater One living in me; greater is He Who is in me than he who is in the world (I John 4:4).

I have received the gift of righteousness and reign as a king in life by Jesus Christ (Romans 5:17).

I have received the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus, the eyes of my understanding being enlightened (Ephesians 1:17,18).

I have received the power of the Holy Spirit to lay hands on the sick and see them recover, to cast out demons, to speak with new tongues. I have power over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means harm me (Mark 16:17,18; Luke 10:17,19).

I have put off the old man and have put on the new man, which is renewed in the knowledge after the image of Him Who created me (Colossians 3:9,10).

I have given, and it is given to me; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, men give into my bosom (Luke 6:38).

I have no lack for my God supplies all of my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

I can quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one with my shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16).

I can do all things through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:13).

I shall do even greater works than Christ Jesus (John 14:12).

I show forth the praises of God Who has called me out of darkness into His marvelous light (I Peter 2:9).

I am God’s childfor I am born again of the incorruptible seed of the Word of God, which lives and abides forever (I Peter 1:23).

I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ unto good works (Ephesians 2:10).

I am a new creature in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17).

I am a spirit beingalive to God (I Thessalonians 5:23; Romans 6:11).

I am a believer, and the light of the Gospel shines in my mind (II Corinthians 4:4).

I am a doer of the Word and blessed in my actions (James 1:22,25).

I am a joint-heir with Christ (Romans 8:17).

I am more than a conqueror through Him Who loves me (Romans 8:37).

I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony (Revelation 12:11).

I am a partaker of His divine nature (II Peter 1:3,4).

I am an ambassador for Christ (II Corinthians 5:20).

I am part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people (I Peter 2:9).

I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 5:21).

I am the temple of the Holy Spirit; I am not my own (I Corinthians 6:19).

I am the head and not the tail; I am above only and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13).

I am the light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

I am His elect, full of mercy, kindness, humility, and longsuffering (Romans 8:33; Colossians 3:12).

I am forgiven of all my sins and washed in the Blood (Ephesians 1:7).

I am delivered from the power of darkness and translated into God’s kingdom (Colossians 1:13).

I am redeemed from the curse of sin, sickness, and poverty (Galatians 3:13; Deuteronomy 28:15-68).

I am firmly rooted, built up, established in my faith and overflowing with gratitude (Colossians 2:7).

I am called of God to be the voice of His praise (II Timothy 1:9; Psalm 66:8).

I am healed by the stripes of Jesus (I Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5).

I am raised up with Christ and seated in heavenly places (Colossians 2:12; Ephesians 2:6).

I am greatly loved by God (Colossians 3:12; Romans 1:7; I Thessalonians 1:4; Ephesians 2:4).

I am strengthened with all might according to His glorious power (Colossians 1:11).

I am submitted to God, and the devil flees from me because I resist him in the Name of Jesus (James 4:7).

I press on toward the goal to win the prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward (Philippians 3:14).

For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind (II Timothy 1:7).

It is not I who live, but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2:20).


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Proverbs Commonly used:

~~All good things must come to an END.~~

~~All is fair in love and war~~

~~All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy~~

~~An apple a day keeps the doctor away.~~

~~April showers brings May flowers~~

~~As soon as man is born he begins to die.~~

~~Bad news travels fast.~~

~~Better late than never.~~

~~Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.~~

~~Charity begins at home.~~

~~Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.~~

~~Don't go near the water until you learn how to swim.~~

~~Every man has his faults.~~

~~Every picture tells a story.~~

~~Experience is the mother of wisdom.~~

~~Fear is stronger thanlove.~~

~~First think, and then speak.~~

~~Goodness is better than beauty.~~

~~Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.~~

~~Laughter is the best medicine.~~

~~Marriages are made in heaven.~~

~~Something is better is nothing.~~


Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Nice morning to all of all you!...~~~~whew,, I loved this morning.. tsk2x dunno why but I'm inspired doing my task today :D

~~~~~~~Word for the day : BLAMELESS~~~~~~~

Yesterday, I got my Rhema in Proverbs 28: 6 and it says:

"Better a poor man whose walk in blameless than the rich man whose ways are perverse"

And today I got it in the book of Psalm 101:2 it says: "I will be careful to lead a blameless life when will you come to me?
I will walk in my house with a blameless Heart"

According to Answer.com the word ;


Free of blame or guilt; innocent.

blamelessly blame'less·ly adv.
blamelessness blame'less·ness n.


Anyway, special thank you to someone who gave me an apple and white rose *blushing* pwd makilig? harhar.. Thanks..Thanks... :-*