Friday, April 18, 2008

I miss them!

Cherry Ann "Cherai" Gacuma-
very charming lady, always inlove her her boyfriend Leniel, very talkative , maldita but has a pure heart.

Delia "Dhelai" Cahiles-
Cheerful, very nice companion, text addict, slight talkative and understanding.

Mildred "Melai" Pendang-
Silent type person at first, very professional lady, loving and caring.

Amor Joy "Morai" Serrano-Aguelo -
Business minded person, always inlove with her husband husband Darwin, very talkative and honest.

Jean "Jenai" Diaz-
that's me! hahahhaah I don't know how to describe myself.

But anyway, just wanted to introduce to you all my very close friends when I was still working in Davao City Treasure's Office.

To be continue...


  1. It is a wonderful life experience to build life long lasting friendship for having friends would greatly compliment your daily life routines. Keep at it!

  2. @lifesignx.. yeah,, you're right! thanks for dropping by!