Thursday, October 30, 2008

October last post...=))


I got so many task that's why I don't have enough time for blogging.. hmmpt! But it's ok.. I feel bored into blogging dunno why.. hahayz.. but here I am again posting for the events I've done this October.. eheheheh

October is my favorite month..=p Well..well..well.. juz wanna post an update about the latest in me..
October 03 is my birth anniversary,,,ehheheh it was memorable and unforgettable because I celebrated it with my mamang, tatay, brothers, relatives and friends in my hometown.. They we're very much happy coz after 4 long years... I went home to celebrate my 22nd birth anniversary with them.. ahhehehhehe... I'm so touch coz, I've been noticed how special I am to them.. nakz.. Precious Gem daw ko..toinkz.. Ayaw palag uie.....

My loving mamang and tatay..

Simple yet memorable celebration.. ahehhee.. Problema ko lang na out of budget ako..:(( nakakahiya naman kasing humingi ng money sa mamang at tatay ko kasi..kasi... may trabaho na ako...

My "j" brothers (Latest Pic)----->

They're my loving siblings.. aahhahaha all boys.. I'm the only princess of this big and happy family..
I'm the eldest, followed by Jepee, Jose Gerito Jr., Jovel Mark, Jay Cris and James Cee.. Mga lalaki man silang lahat ngunit hindi iyon naging hadlang upang maging magkasundo kaming anim.. Dami noh? We're six siblings in the family..

By this month also, I got some good news.. aheheheh... first, I was invited by my loving cousin to attend his wedding.. A big grin because I have a great role on his big event (one of the bride's maid.)... but sad to say I didn't come because I was too busy.. short hindi ako naging bride's maid..well.. well..I asked favor from my cousin Sheena Angel to be my proxy.. :(( bawi nalang ako next time..

On the 13th day of this month, I received my evaluation.. I passed it! Yehey!! Thanks first to our Almighty God for everything He has given me.. Also to Selfgrowth family for giving a great grade and comment to me.. To Maam Ju, our Branch Manager... madamo gid nga salamat sa imo.. salamat gid sa paghatag sang chance para maka work ako dire sa ESPC... Happy gid ako nga maging isa sa mga agent dire.. Tnx maam.. Also to Maam Mel, thanks for the awesome grade.. hehehe thanks also for the guidance and training that you've given me during my probationary period.. To Maam net, Maam Ivy, Maam Mai, Sir Allan, Sir Cesar, Sir Thone and Kuya Mike, sincerest thanks to all the kindness you have given me and I treasure it so much..

hmmmmm... Special thanks to Clent and Dennis my college Intensive English classmates and friend as well, kasi kayo ang nag inform sa akin na hiring pa ang ESPC.. dili naku na makalimtan..

My officemates, blogmates and friends (many to mention) salamat sa tanan ninyo nga kaayo kanaku.. aehhehhe...

Happy Halloween! !!! awooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Invitation


Whoaaaaaa! the wedding ceremony of my cousin pajun will be on October 25, 2008.. I am invited.. wahhehehe,,, thank you couz for choosing me as one of the "bride's maid" I am very excited coz it's my first time.. :P..

Ganda ng invitation nila ano?

Monday, October 20, 2008

i hate u Ms. Cashier at Mr. Bagger!



Last day I went to NCCC Magsaysay Branch (Davao City) to buy some stuff for our family reunion souviener this coming November 01, 2008. But, I get mad when I met this Cashier and her bagger.. F****** S***.. Hahayz.. dumiretso ako sa kitchen ware section para bumili ng maliit na baso.. I bought 2 doz. Halos mapikon ako dahil andaming SA sa section na iyon ngunit pawang nag kukwentuhan lamang na waring hindi nila nakikita o napapansin ang maraming customers. It's running out of time ngunit kulang silang harapin ang mga customers na maraming katanungan o nangangailangan sa kanila.. In my case naman hindi ako apektado dahil nga small glasses lang naman ang bibilhin ko.. Pagkatapos kung bayran ang mga napili ko sa school supplies naman ako tumungo at doon naman ako pumili ng mga gagamitin sa glass.. whoa! I received text message from my cousin.. “Ne, bakal tie box” Fool myself.. dunno where's section the tie box display... nyaahhaha very ignorance!

So I ask the SA “Ahh miss.. pwede mangutana?”

the SA replied “Sure maam”.. and I replied too..

Asa nga section naka display ang tie box?”..

She replied “Ay, maam sa textile section, manaog ka dha tapos turn right twice” Dahil nga gabi na.. it's almost 7pm I think.. dali-dali akong umalis at pumunta sa “textile” section.. Dahil parang off na ang mga SA doon sa cashier ko naisipang magtatanong.. I asked her “Miss... asa dapit inyo tie box?” she replied “Didto dapit maam” at itinuro kung saan nakalagay.. Sh** talaga! Walang tie box doon. Bumalik ako sa kanya at magtatanong sana ngunit alam nyo ba kung ano ang pinag-uusapan nilang dalawa ng bagger? Sabi nila “Sa hardware daw mabibili ang Ice Cream” “Sa palengke daw mabibili ang tela” “Sa pharmacy daw mabibili ang martilyo” at sanabi pa nilang “Bakit daw hahanapin ang tie box sa textile section?” Alam kung biro lang iyon ngunit sa mga mukha nila ay mababasang wala silang GALANG! That's why naiinis ako.. Gusto ko sanang magwala doon eh.. Wala silang karapatang magsalita ng ganoon..,,Customer ako at OBLIGATION nilang ituro kung ano ang hinahanap ng customer...Mali ko naman eh,..,, dahil TANGA ako! Bw***t!!!!!!! Kaya naiinis ako sa kaherang iyon! Maldita sya! Hayaan mo babalikan kita dyan pag may time ako! Itinanim ko sa aking isipan ang iyong pangit na mukha pati na rin ang pes**** bagger nya. Sinira mo ang araw ko....

Hahayz.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....................super tanga ko anoh??????

Thursday, October 9, 2008

15 Weird Things


Shurikenstuff tagged me for the first time.. Sincerest thanks team m8! I truly admire it.. **wink.. Sorry for the delayed post, got so many task this week.. **sigh

RULE: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. NO TAG backs!

15 Common weird things about me:

1. I love Dried Fish -- Hehehehehe.. Believe me, I will survive for more than one month even the partner of my plain rice is Dried Fish.. Yummy!!!

I really love to sleep-- During my leisure time I prefer to sleep and sleep even I am hungry.. grrrr... to hell with this attitude...

I am coffee addicted-- When I got headache "the only pain reliever" is coffee..

4. I hate beaches and pools!!-- why?? because I don't know how to swim..

I don't like beef loaf/meatloaf-- I prefer to eat sardines than this.. grrr... I don't like the taste.

I can't sleep without an eye cover and blanket -- I really want to cover my eyes when I am sleeping.

I love watching tv than listening a music -- Hehehehehe... I can live without stereo but I can't live without television.

8. I love my family so much-- Don't dare me, I will give my life to my mamang, tatay and brothers just to make them happy.. :D

I love to do household chores except cooking-- Yes, Because till this time I have a big problems in cooking.. Hindi po ako masarap magluto..:((..

10. I love others more than myself-- Dunno why..

I hate English -- Maybe I can't speak fluently and can't write correct grammar.

I can't go without my umbrella -- Because umbrella is my only protection during rainy and sunny season.. :P

I can kill those hypocrite and back fighter person -- Don't underestimate me.. if you love your life.

I can fly higher than the sky -- yes, it's true.. matutulog muna ako ha... heheheh

I don't have trust in you -- Shhh... That's why I didn't take this seriously.. ahehehhee bleeeeee :P

I am passing this
15 weird things to: ..

1. Dennis
2. Vale
3. Ate Nona
4. Mabel
5. Borgee
6. Jacob
7. Jeremy
8. Marky
9. Arjaeuse

10. Jigs

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Birthday Celebration..

Compared to my other birth anniversary this year was different full of blessings, surprises and imparted with love from family, friends and most especially our Almighty God.

I didn't even notice that my birthday was fast approaching not until close family and friends started send message and greeting me personally. But sad to say the people whom I expected a lot failed to greet me.. :( maybe they're just busy with their career and life as well. Ahehehheheheh... I understand their situation because I was busy too. Hehehhe

Salamat po sa lahat ng bumati. Through text message, phone calls, blog messages, friendster messages and instant messages Lalo na sa araw ng aking kaarawan,,, Here's the top 3.. hehehhe Thank you Belle, dahil kaw ang unang nag text sa akin.. Gosh,, 12:28 am Hahhaahahaha.. Salamat din kay Reyn Nadera 12:38 am din.. kay ate Jiji Dordas..

Thank you Xerxes dahil pinautang mo ako kaya nagkaroon ako ng pamasahe pauwi.. Bleeeeeeh dili ta ka bayaran.nyahahahah

Special thanks to my tatay, mamang and brothers for the very simple surprise salo-salo.. ahehehhe kahit saglit nawala ang kuryente ay pinasaya nyo parin ako.

Thank you Denia Federizo (my highschool classmate and closefriend..) binisita mo ako sa bahay..

Thanks to my superiors for giving me a good evaluation..

Thanks Mitch for the birthday Card.

Thanks to lolo, lola, mommy, daddy, tatay, tikig, devil, unggoy, and ate sa paghatag ug cake.. Speechless ko.. ahehhe..

Salamat sa lahat..


Monday, October 6, 2008

A surprise BIRTHDAY CARD from Mitch

**This birthday card given by Mitch my co-worker and friend as well. Thank you Mitch, I truly admire it. You are the only person who give a birthday card on my 22nd birth anniversary. (October 03) though I received some memorable gifts from my family and other friends... **wink

Thank you for being good to me. Thank you for imparting your moments on me. Because of you, I recognize what genuine friendship means.

*****kahilak ko thumbtacks ani.. ahehhehee...

If a man loves you....

If a man loves you...., nothing can keep him away, if he doesn't love you , nothing can makes him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your sense to save yourself from heartache/s. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then reject it! You cannot "be friends" do not stay because you think " it will get better". Avoid men who have got a lot of children by a bunch of different women, He didn't marry them when they get pregnant, Why would he treat u differently? Decline married men hence, they can't impart a praiseworthy forthcoming and identity to you. Your status in his life is just a mistress Never let a man define who you are. Don't borrow someone else man. If he betrayed with you, He will betray on you. Don't totally engage to a man who doesn't bestow you everything that you are longing for.

However, put in your mind that if a man treasures you, He will do anything he can, just to make you stay and happy as well. He will give you what you want. He will sacrifice just for your happiness. He will not stop loving you. He won't make you sob. He'll render what you desire but do not ABUSE it.

***Tama ba akong grammar?? nyahahaha nagpataka-epek na sad ko... cge lang..