Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick update!

DEar Diary,

What a bad day... wala na gid man gali sang tawo nga maka intindi sa akon. Sakit huna-hunaon pero amo ina ang matood... T_T

Kon sin-o pa ang tawo nga ginasaligan mo nga intindihon ka amo pa ang numero uno nga magbaliskad. haha! How pranning I am naman nga cge pa salig noh? Ara man tani akon sarili nga pwd ko saligan.. toinkz ano daw? wala ko kaintindi sang gin type ko haw.. ahehehe amo lang to gusto ko lang ipaabot nga DISSAPOINTED ako today. What a bad DAY! grrr! letse!

Ay hoo gali nalipat ako nga perti ya kalipay ko yesterday ti amu guro ning balos eh.. hehe anyway, nakadaog ako sa raffle draw sa opisina namon.hehe First Prize gid kag Blender ato. I love it! Thank you ESPC  -*

Gusto lang man tani ang tawo nga makaintindi sa akon, Daw unfair tana ning life haw... understanding man ko kag nga wala sang naga understand sa akon.. nyahaha  egetness.. goodluck to me dulang. :P


2 Things to Quit If You Want to Get Out of Debt

There are two things you absolutely have to quit if you want to get out of debt. Neither one of them involves you changing your spending or saving habits, either!

These two things you need to quit in order to get out of debt come before any action on your part. If you want your efforts to get out of debt to really be effective, you must first make two shifts in your attitude. Only then will your actions propel you in the right direction.

1. Quit blaming the economy. Or the bank. Or the credit card company. Or your parents' bad spending habit that you unfortunately picked up. While you're at it, quit blaming yourself as well!

Blame isn't going to get you anywhere. Even if it did, the you that racked up all that debt is different than the you that's trying to erase that debt forever. So lay off the economy and lay off your parents. And if you want to get out of debt (or fix any other mess you have in your life), lay off yourself. Blame won't get you anywhere.

But responsibility will. That's why you have to take responsibility for your debt. Even on the off-chance that someone else ran up all your credit cards and you are irrevocably stuck with the bill, it's now your responsibility.

When you blame someone else, you frame your problem as something that someone else has control over. And when you blame yourself, you spend energy tearing yourself down.

When you take responsibility, you take control of your situation. Your mental attitude then empowers you to own your situation. Only then will you be able to do with your situation what needs to be done.

2. Quit dwelling on how deep in the red you are. It's good that you finally realized the full importance of what it means to be in debt. And it's good that you realized what it means to have your specific debt. After all, you can't adequately take care of a problem until you've identified it, and taken stock of how large (or small) it is.

Realizing how big your problem is important--but it's only a single step. And it's certainly not a process that will solve anything.

Nobody ever fixed their problems by thinking about how bad those problems were. Instead, they thought about how good their lives could be if they fixed those problems--and then got to work doing whatever they needed to do.

You activate the Law of Attraction every time you pair a focused thought with a strong emotion. Anyone who is in debt is likely to have some pretty strong feelings about it. But since you get more of what you focus on, it's better to focus on the happy feeling that you will someday get out of debt, than on the sad feeling that you're already so far in it!

I know how overwhelming this feeling can be--I was once over a million dollars below the black! But I eventually figured out that I wasn't going to change anything for the better if I worked for the good but dwelled on what was bad.

Take responsibility for your situation and spend your emotional energy on how good you're going to make things. Only then will you have the right frame of mind to get out of debt!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


 Hapit anay kag makadlaw ta.

Iloy kag Drayber

Iloy: Para! Pasakya ko nong!
Drayber: Sige sakay na, diin ka makadto haw?
Iloy: Dira lang sa unhan nong ah! May bayad and puya?
Drayber: libre lang ng puya mo ah, lapit man lang bala naugan nyo.
Iloy: Hoo nong, ti ang magsabak may-ara man bayad?
Drayber: Wala bayad ah.
Iloy: Cge maayo eh.. Nak, Pungko kag sabaka ko...

Nobyo kag Nobya

Daku gid problema ko ba..
Nobya: Ay indi gang ah, kon problema mo.. problema ko man ina. Palangga ta ang isa kag isa indi bala? Ti ano na  ATON problema gang?
Nobyo: Napabusong NATON si Inday kag KITA ang tatay...

Customer kag Tindera

Customer: Manang, kape gani.
Tindera: Tag 5 lang na to..
Customer: Diba daw tag 4 lang ina?
Tindera: Ay ay toto.. mahal dun abi ang gasolina subong.
Customer: Aw ah.. kape lang ya akon nang, indi lang butangi sang gasolina.

Bana kag Asawa

Bana: Gang, umpisa subong ikaw nalang guid. Bayaan ko na akon tanan nga kabit.
Asawa: Sige gang. salamat gid ha.. promise sa sunod ta nga bata ikaw na guid ang tatay sini. I swear :P

Bana: Gang, naka-save ko ug 7.00 subong kay ginlagas ko ang jeep, wala ko nagsakay. hehe
Asawa: Ay abaw! gang, diin nagkadto utok mo man? tani taxi nalang imo ginlagas para 50.00 imo na save.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


STI Alumni Association (STIAA)


(1) System Developer
- At most 35 years of age
- Graduate of computer or IT-related course
- Knowledgeable in ASP, PHP, C#, HTML, and Dreamweaver

(1) Operations Support
- 21-30 years of age
- Graduate of computer or IT-related course
- Preferably has one (1) year related experience
- Knowledgeable in PC assembly and troubleshooting, networking, and
POS system

(1) Encoder
- At most 30 years of age; Female
- Graduate of any 4-year course
- Preferably has at least 1 year experience in Purchase Order (PO)

(1) Warehouse Manager
- Male
- At least college graduate
- Has exerience in logistics and warehousing
- Has good communication and leadership skills

(1) Mall Manager
- At least college graduate
- Has at least two (2) years related experience
- Has excellent communication and human relations skills and team
leadership background
- Has strong business sense

Submit resume to:

PEOPLE Select 'Em
New City Commercial Corporation
NCCC Headquarters (NHQ) Building
Gempesaw Ext., Davao City


Monday-Thursday : 8am-5pm
Friday : 1pm-5pm

For inquiries, you may call us at:

(082) 225-8550 or 224-0186 loc. 102, 104, 113, and 114

You may also visit this link for more information:

www.nccc.com. ph/index/ job


Is a fast growing, dynamic institution specializing in visa processing services. Committed to provide hassle-free visa processing to its client by providing all out assistance during the entire tedious procedure of visa application up to the visa approved candidates's deployment to where ever in the world is in need of:


Ensures effective implemenof marketing strategies to be able to to achieve or exceed enrollment target.

- Male/Female, not more than 30 years old
- A graduate of any 4 year course
- At least 6 months work experience
- Background in sales, marketing, business development and/or
recruitment is essential
- Must be goal-driven, self-motivated, aggressive and result-oriented
- Strong leadership ability
- Outgoing and influencing
- Commendable Interpersonal Skills
- Excellent written and oral English communication
- Computer literate

***** Willing to work in Gensan, Koronadal, Kidapawan, Tagum and Davao

Apply online at: isearchdvo_cleo@ yahoo.com

Please specify the location where you wanted to apply.

For more details you may call telephone number (082) 222-3922/0922843127 7.

Or you may submit your resume personally to:

The Branch Manager
Isearch International Co.
Door 9 B.S Inn Bldg., Monteverde St., Davao City
Contact No. +639228431277

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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