Wednesday, April 29, 2009

God is Good

Looya jud sa akong nawong pagpukaw sa akong ate jiji sa akoa... gikawatan daw lagi mi! ako rai maawa sa kawatan, hmmmp! nangawat jud diay.. wahehehehe... Lemme share you kung ano ang mga pangyayari...

Past 11:30PM kagabi (April 29,2009)...Maingay kaming nag-uusap ni ate jiji (in-short guys, naa mi gilibak.. whahahaha ako rai maawa sa iya..) Then bigla na lamang kaming nakatulog.. hmmp! dunno why, may katext pa naman ako that time ngunit sadyang bigla akong dinalaw ng antok at sa isang iglap kaming lahat sa bahay ay mahimbing ang pagkatulog.. waehehehe...

Ewan ko rin, kung bakit nailagay ko malapit sa bintana ang bag ko. Ang laman nito ay wallet ko, wallet ni Reyna at some important stuffs and papers like jewelry, perfume, beauty products and etc. Hindi ko naman nakaugaliang ilagay sa ganitong lugar ang bag ko na palagi ko naman itong nasa tabi ko kahit akoy tulog. hmmp!

Ewan ko rin kung bakit doon din inilagay ni ate ji ang cellphone nya sa gilid ng bag ko na palagi naman itong nasa tabi nya. Ewan ko rin kung bakit sadyang mabilis ang kamay ng magnanakaw.

Tulog...Tulog... kaming lahat ng biglang sumigaw si ate gina ng "Dave, Shen, Dave Shen..." wahahha walang ni isa man sa amin ang nakarinig ng tawag na iyon. As in tulog na tulog. Sa katagalan narinig ni auntie lanie ang tawag ni ate gina.. lumabas sya at kinausap dito. Sa isang iglap! nagambala ang lahat.. Andaming nawala.. Pera, cellphones, jewelry, Branded shirt and jeans at etc.

But God is Good.. ehehehe you know what? Iniwan nya parin iyong mga important documents ko kaya laking pasasalamat ko na rin iyon sa Poong maylikha.

Magnanakaw, kung sino ka man... sana nakatulong sayo ang mga kinuha mo sa bahay at salamat na rin dahil pera at ibang gamit ko lang ang kinuha mo hindi iyong talagang napakahalaga sa akin. eheehehe..


Sunday, April 26, 2009

♥Photos ♥


My ka-dots :D
Namely: Kurt,Jam,Kenn,Denz,Vale,Czy,Clent and Jean

My Ulti-Mate Belle

Thursday, April 23, 2009

High Reds at a glance

You are cool, independent and competitive. You shape the environment that you work in by overcoming opposition in order to accomplish the results.

You need to be in control of your situation and you need tangible evidence of progress.

You have a low tolerance for the feelings of others, like to be in control and you work impressively by yourself.

When stressed you may become dictatorial and restless. Others may see you as blunt, irritable and un-cooperative.

To help you increase your effectiveness High Reds must practice active listening and pace yourself to project a more relaxed image, develop patience, sensitivity and concerns for others needs, use more caution and identify with the group.

You have great potential! To help you "Become the person you are capable of being", take a few minutes out to learn valuable information about yourself and a fast and simple system that can change your life for the better.

Imagine how much more effective you could be and how much more you could accomplish with less effort if you knew your natural strengths and could manage your fears, eliminate the negative traits that are holding you back and learn the strategies to reduce conflict and increase harmony.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

5 Things to be Thankful For

Sometimes we get so busy in this crazy world that we don’t take the time to stop and think about the things we should be thankful for. Life is too short not to be happy, so take some time to sit back and contemplate your blessings. Here are a few things you can think about next time you are getting caught up in your problems.


What makes a family is different for some people, but these are the people you can turn to in your darkest hour who will love and accept you unconditionally. For some, it’s their parents or grandparents, for others, a brother or sister. Perhaps it is someone else who raised you and helped you to become the person you are today. Be thankful for your family and what they have done for you.


Faith is another thing that is in the eye of the beholder. Whatever higher power helps you to get through your day, be thankful for that. Not feeling alone in this world is a comfort that faith helps to provide, and you need to be thankful for this comfort.


It is a wonderful feeling to have people outside of your immediate family that you can talk with and share your innermost feelings with. Having friends is a tremendous blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Show your appreciation for your friends and let them know how much they mean to you.


As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” Where is your heart? Having a place to call home is a wonderful thing that should not be taken for granted. Our world is full of people who have nowhere to call home, which is quite unfortunate. Be thankful for the shelter and comfort that having a place to call home provides. Many of us have more than one place we consider “home,” which is all the more reason to be thankful.

Creature Comforts

Again, many times we don’t see just how good we have things. Our modern world provides us with so many things that those who came before us didn’t have. From air conditioning, to automobiles, to cell phones and internet—these are all relatively new things that make our lives easier. Take the time to think about how your life would be different without all of these things and be thankful for the innovation and hard work of so many people to make our lives easier in the modern world.


This article is contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who regularly writes on online nursing degree. She invites your questions and/or comments at her personal email address: kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com.

Happy Bday Kurt


"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen."

A true friend like you is hard to find, difficult to leave and imposible to forget..

Ako rai maawa.... Sa dihang nag leave jud tawon sya.. harhar! Tiguwang na ang isa sa akong mga BIG BRO. Ningsamot ug kadaghan iya edad na murag hapit na mawala sa kalendaryo..

Happy Bday Kurt Damada!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

****Come What May ****

****Come What May ****
(Air Supply)

When she looks at me
I know the girl sees things
Nobody else can see

All of the secret fears inside
And all the craziness I hide
She looks into my soul
And reads me like nobody can

And she doesnt judge the man
She just takes me as I am

Come what may, she believes
And that faith is something
Ive never known before
Come what may, she loves me
And that love has helped me open a door
Making me love myself a little more

When I turn away
She knows those are the times
Theres nothing she can say

Nothing that anyone can do
And so she lets me live it through
And when Im in my darkest hour of uncertainty
She just simply lets me be
And goes right on loving me

And when it seems my dreams
Have all slipped through my fingers
When they just cant be found
I turn around and there they are
Shining in her eyes
(repeat chorus)

Source: LyricsFreak & Aimini