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ST. DALFOUR CREAM use against:

Freckles, Old pimples Scars,
Yellow spotted skin
Black heads, Wrinkles
Skin Allergy, Dark Under arm
And all other skin blemishes and impurities.

Fairer, clearer and more beautiful complexion
Clean and clearer under arm
Free from bad odor especially the under arm
Radiant face

On the Face: Apply a little amount on face after washing, once or twice a day.
On Under Arm: Apply a little amount after taking a bath, morning and before bedtime.
Groin (Singit): Apply a little morning and night after taking a bath.
Can be used in any part of the body even in your groin (singit) body part.
Use regularly for fastest and best result

ST Dalfour Cream Ingredients:

The cream provides multiple beneficial effects on the skin it does not make use of any ingredients 
that may cause harm in the long run. Therefore you will not feel a sting and will not experience any 
skin peeling. The product is made using all-natural ingredients including red cactus extract oil, glycine, 
sea weed extract and vitamin E.


Don't use any beauty product or whitening product when you use St Dalfour cream. Other beauty or whitening 
products may have ingredients that can give negative reaction when mix up with Dalfour ingredients and can 
cause bad effect to the skin.

Just in case you are under treatment and using other High solution derma products let your skin rest for 
2 to 3 days to avoid any reactions from the chemicals or solution you are using.

Allergic reactions are NOT COMMON and only happen to a selected group of people with very sensitive skin. 
All of the creams we sell contain herbal and natural ingredients which normally do not cause allergic reactions. 
However, people with sensitive skin react to the preservatives ingredients in the creams.


You need to have a SKIN ALLERGY TEST first before applying these products to your face/ skin. 
The best way to prevent an allergic reaction is to know if one will occur. Prior to using the cream, 
apply a thin layer to a tiny spot on the face that can be covered by your hair. Throughout the day, observe it 
to see if the spot becomes puffy, itchy or warm. If all three occur, then you have an allergic reaction to the 
cream and should not use it at all.


If you have a prior allergic reaction to ANY cosmetic products in the past, you will have a good chance of an 
allergic reaction to the products we sell. For your safety, please do not try the product at all.

Disclaimer: Please use the products at your own risk. We are not liable for any allergic reactions that may occur. 
Do not mix with other beauty facial products.

FOR ORDERS : 09301188293 

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ASAP XV Pop Viewers’ Choice 2010 Winners Revealed

ASAP XV Pop Viewers’ Choice 2010 Winners

Check out the winners for the Pop Viewers’ Choice Awards 2010 as announced on ASAP XV yesterday November 21, 2010.

The full list of winners and nominees for the 2010 Pop Viewers’ Choice Awards:
Pop Female Fashionista:
Winner: Kim Chiu
* Anne Curtis
* Angel Locsin
* Gretchen Barreto
Pop Male Fashionista:
Winner: John Lloyd Cruz
* Vhong Navarro
* Jake Cuenca
* Enchong Dee
Pop Cover Girl:
Winner: Bea Alonzo
* Angel Locsin
* Anne Curtis
* Cristine Reyes
Pop Pin-up Boy:
Winner: Sam Milby
* Coco Martin
* Rafael Rosell
* Gerald Anderson
Pop Cutie:
Winner: Robi Domingo
* Sam Concepcion
* James Reid
* AJ Perez
Pop Fans Club:
Winner: Melason (Melai & Jason)
* Kimerald (Kim & Gerald)
* Enrich (Enchong & Erich)
* Laberspark (John Lloyd & Bea)
Pop K-Pop:
Super Junior
* 2NE1
* Wonder Girls
* One Way
Pop Band:
Winner: 6 CycleMind
* Parokya ni Edgar
* CallaLily
* Hale
Pop Female Artist: Winner: Sarah Geronimo
* Charice
* Toni Gonzaga
* Yeng Constantino
Pop Male Artist:
Christian Bautista
* Jovit Baldovino
* Erik Santos
* Piolo Pascual
Pop Song:
Winner: My Love Is Here (Erik Santos)
* Pyramid (Charice)
* Faithfully (Jovit Baldovino)
* ‘Di Lang Ikaw (Juris)
Pop Album:
Winner: Music and Me (Sarah Geronimo)
* Erik Santos: The Jim Brickman Songbook (Erik Santos)
* Jovit Baldovino (Jovit Baldovino)
* Renditions of the Soul (Nina)
Pop Kapamilya TV Show:
Winner: Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo
* Magkaribal
* Agua Bendita
* Maalaala Mo Kaya
Pop Kapamilya TV Character:
Winner: Gwen and Robi (Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo)
* Agua & Bendita (Agua Bendita)
* Vera & Victoria (Magkaribal)
* Lea and Mateo (Imortal)
Pop Kapamilya TV Themesong:
Winner: Number One from Idol
* ‘Di Lang Ikaw from Ruby
* Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo of Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo
* Malayo Pa Ang Umaga from Agua Bendita
Pop Celebrity Cameo Role:
Winner: Angel Locsin (Hale’s “Magkaibang Mundo”)
* Anne Curtis (Christian Bautista’s “Beautiful Girl”)
* Cristine Reyes (Rico Blanco’s “Ayos”)
* Piolo Pascual (Yeng Constantino’s “Jeepney Love Story”)
Pop Music Video:
Winner: Right Here Waiting (Sarah Geronimo)
* Magkaibang Mundo (Hale)
* All Me (Toni Gonzaga)
* Jeepney Love Story (Yeng Constantino)
Pop Movie of the Year:
Winner: Miss You Like Crazy
* Petrang Kabayo
* I Do
* Paano Na Kaya
Pop Movie Themesong:
Winner: Love Will Keep Us Together (Hating Kapatid)
* I Miss You Like Crazy (Miss You Like Crazy)
* Paano Na Kaya (Paano Na Kaya)
* I Love You Goodbye (I Love You Goodbye)
Pop Screen Kiss:
Winner: Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu (Paano Na Kaya)
* Luis Manzano & Vice Ganda (Petrang Kabayo)
* John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo (Miss You Like Crazy)
* Anne Curtis & Sam Milby (Babe I Love You)
Pop Love Team:
Winner: Anne Curtis & Sam Milby (Babe I Love You)
* Erich Gonzales & Enchong Dee (I Do)
* Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu (Paano Na Kaya)
* John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo (Miss You Like Crazy)

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Lady Gaga - The New Madonna

She is Lady Gaga! "New Madonna"
She’s got almost 16 million Facebook likes, 5.5 million Twitter followers and Zilions of Youtube views. She will almost certainly be named “Supreme Ruler of the Earth” when governments are decided by share and retweet stats rather than this ridiculous “voting” business. She's being described as “the new Madonna” she is Lady Gaga.


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How to change mobile number in yahoo messenger

1) go to following address:…

2) Click on Del (Trash Button) and del all the existing Alerts you have.

3) Sign into Y! Messenger and Click on "Messenger" and Register a New Mobile Device.

4) Select India as the country and enter your mobile number in the space and follow on-screen instructions

Hollywood Celebrity - Victoria Beckham

This is Victoria Beckham, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Sharon Stone

This is Sharon Stone, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Sarah Jessica Parker

This is Sarah Jessica Parker, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Salma Hayek

This is Salma Hayek, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Pamela Anderson

This is Pamela Anderson, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Mischa Barton

This is Mischa Barton, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Lindsay Lohan

This is Lindsay Lohan, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Kim Kardashian

This is Kim Kardashian, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Katie Price

This is Katie Price, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Jeniffer Lopez

This is Jeniffer Lopez, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Isabel Ucas

This is Isabel Ucas, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Eva Longoria

This is Eva Longoria, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Christina Aguilera

This is Christina Aguilera, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Catherine Zeta Jones

This is Catherine Zeta Jones, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Carmen Electra

This is Carmen Electra, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Avril Lavigne

This is Avril Lavigne, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


Hollywood Celebrity - Amy Winehouse

This is Amy Winehouse, her natural  and with make up face.. :)


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Spooky But Fun Halloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Halloween is not any fun without cool decorations outside the home waiting for the trick or treaters who come by in the evening. If you are stuck with the same old Halloween outdoor decorating ideas for the past several years, it is time to get out of the rut.

Personalized Ideas For Halloween Outdoor Decorating 

Why not carve pumpkins to line the entrance to your home by personalizing them for all members of the family? If Dad has lost all his hair on the top of his head, only add yarn or felt to the sides of the head. If seven year old Jake has recently lost his top front teeth, then make his pumpkin look just like him. If Mom is known for her bright red lipstick and teenager Sarah for her funky hairdos, then dress up the pumpkins accordingly.

Some families also enjoy making R.I.P tombstones for all members of the family. They have funny sayings on them that are sure to please most. However, some people find it disrespectful and creepy to see your own name on a tombstone so use your discretion.

White silly string can easily be used to create a spider web of sorts. Add some huge craft store yarn spiders (or make your own) so that they complete the web. If you can find glow in the dark varieties of materials, you can even add some more fun to your Halloween outdoor decorating ideas.

Another fun Halloween outdoor decorating idea is making ghosts. All you need to do is inflate balloons and then cover them with a sheet or old tablecloth and tie it around the neck. then have fun drawing on silly faces. If you fill the balloons with helium they will stay upright for longer. Have fun watching them bob up and down. you can add other outdoor hanging d├ęcor items like pumpkin lights and Boo! signs to illuminate your house as well as make it look more festive.

Some people recycle things they have at home to make a fun scarecrow for their front yard. You can simply dress up an old broom with the clothes you haven't worn for years but are still hesitant to throw out because you believe you'll be a size 2 again. Put up the scarecrow with a spooky Halloween message a few days prior to the main day so kids know which is the house they should definitely go to on their trick or treat route.

So don’t just rush out to the party or craft store as soon as October rolls around. Chances are you can come up with more creative Halloween outdoor decorating ideas right at home!

"Ilongga Gwapa" - Clique THIS

I just want to share this nice song by Clique THIS, "Ilongga Gwapa [in english, ilongga is beautiful]

PS. Daw naigo gid ko sa alipudwan bah! haha :P :P

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Charge Me – Lim

Manila mayor asks hostage probers to spare Isko
September 21, 2010, 6:26pm
“In my 50 years of service, I performed my duties to the best of my ability. Nobody can say I have been remiss. But because of this hostage crisis, my name has been tarnished. The name of Vice Mayor Moreno has also been tarnished,” Mayor Lim lamented.

MANILA, Philippines — Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim on Tuesday dared authorities to charge him but requested that Vice Mayor Isko Moreno be spared.
Lim said this in reaction to the Incident Investigation Review Committee (IIRC) report disclosed Monday by President Benigno S. Aquino III.
Lim expressed his disappointment over the turn of events, with his accomplishments now overshadowed by the August 23 hostage fiasco.
“In my 50 years of service, I performed my duties to the best of my ability. Nobody can say I have been remiss. But because of this hostage crisis, my name has been tarnished. The name of Vice Mayor Moreno has also been tarnished,” he lamented.
“In my opinion, the investigation should just focus on the shortcomings of the incident, then recommend ways on how not to repeat the situation,” Lim suggested.
“My only request is that they remove the name of Vice Mayor Isko from the list. Let them file charges against me. He did nothing wrong, I was the one who authorized him to go to the Ombudsman,” Lim said.
“I can stand on my own because I know I had done nothing wrong,” he added. “I am not blaming anybody. That's just the way the ball bounces. If you are unlucky, then you are unlucky.”
Showing his loyalty to the mayor, Moreno said he and Lim are ready to face the consequences together should President Aquino find them guilty of any wrongdoing. “Should Mayor Lim be imprisoned, I would let myself be imprisoned as well. We are together in this,” he said. Read Full Story Here

Aquino aide a ‘jueteng king’

Bishop: Puno gets P8M per month
By Christian V. Esguerra, Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Inquirer Northern Luzon, Central Luzon Desk
First Posted 00:40:00 09/22/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Interior Undersecretary Rico E. Puno, a close friend of President Aquino’s, was identified Tuesday as one of the two “ultimate recipients” of payola from operators of “jueteng,” an illegal numbers racket, allegedly getting up to P8 million a month.
To spare Mr. Aquino from further embarrassment, several senators urged Puno to either take a leave of absence or resign from his post.
Puno and retired Philippine National Police Director General Jesus Verzosa were named the top beneficiaries of jueteng money, according to a list Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz submitted to the three Senate committees jointly investigating the illegal numbers game.
Puno, Verzosa and retired Senior Supt. Rey Cachuela were collectively known as the “Three Kings” on the list, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer last week.
The list showed that Puno and Verzosa were allegedly receiving every month P5 million to P8 million each in exchange for allowing jueteng operations to continue.
Cachuela allegedly collected on behalf of the “Three Kings” from a certain Elly Fontanilla, their point man on the ground. Fontanilla reportedly replaced a certain Boy Tangkad who was gunned down last year.Read Full Story