Sunday, April 13, 2008

House and Lot for Sale!

RUSH 2 Storey HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Price: Before: 10 million Now:6.6 million Save 3.4 million

with fully furnished:
*1 Master's Bedroom in 2nd floor (with Comfort Room, Bath Room and Terrace)
*2 Bedrooms in 2nd floor (with Comfort Room)
*2 Bedrooms in ground floor (with Comfort Room)
*1 Guest Room in ground floor (with Comfort Room & Japanese Style Ambiance)
*Garage for 2 cars
*1 Extra Comfort Room
*1 Extra Bath Room
*1 Stock Room
*Receiving Area
*Dinning Room
*Kitchen room
*Dirty Kitchen

*With Clean title.

Location: Robinson's Highlands, Buhangin Davao City. For more information about the location please visit Robinson's Highlands website.

Interested Buyer: Please Contact 09214118308 look for Jean or post a comment here And 09277055908 and look for Ginalyn.


  1. Hi, I find your blog very pleasing, kindly bless me with you nobel suggestions regarding my blog. Tell me how to make blog more attractive?

  2. nice house.. i wanna buy it hehe

  3. @anonymous.. tnx for droppin by.. my suggestion/s was sent on your latest blog post.. thnx for the appreciation.

  4. @NaTzAnGeLiK thnx for dropping by.. the house is very nice. and if you want to buy it you ca avail a big savings. 4 million is a big amount. So what are we looking for?

    But anyway, thank you..

  5. I would like to invite you to visit;

    May God bless you.