Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Whats:
1.What was the first thing on your mind today?
2.What time is it?
3.What was the last gift given to you?
4.What was the sweetest thing that happened today?
***Still waiting.
5.What is your middle name?

The Who's
1.Who was the last person who made you laugh?
2.Who is/are your best friends?
***Myself! hahaha
3.Who do you think likes you?
4.Who is your crush?
***Many to Mention...:P
5.Who is the person you're dying to meet?

The Wheres:
1.Where were you at 8:45 am today?
***sa Jeep
2.Where was your last visit?
*** sa Carenderia
3.Where is your loved one?
***in my Heart
4.Where is Transylvania?
***ambot asa na,, naay tao dha?
5.Where would you go after this?
***Ambot lng.. sa gawas cguro sa opisina

1 comment:

  1. hi

    hehehe...may kilala u programr sa c++?..,n at the same time may knowledge sa hardware?(ex. electronics)