Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18 is best..

For me, January 18 is another lucky date of my life. Andaming mga magagandang celebration dito.

Una: Birth Anniversary po nga aking forever friend na si Annie Agsalona,, happy Bday Mega!
Pangalawa: Job Anniversary ko.. Wow! Thank you so much ESPC family.
Pangatlo: Christening nina:
* Cassie Vale (my close friend vale's daughter) at
*Jorielyn(my friend kuya boyet's neice)
Pang-apat: Ano pa? sympre... Fiesta sa Mamay Village na wala akong kalam-alam


1 comment:

  1. happy anniversary jean (^_^) one year na pala tayo nag a-away?

    oh yes kaaway ko eto si jean

    ana man gud basta love nimo kaaway mo (^_^)

    love you jean

    hope we have more happy years together in the office

    padayon sa pag-os-wag na mag away ha?!