Sunday, August 31, 2008

About ME

All about me..:D

♥just call me "jean"
♥100% human being..:)
♥a simple lady,,,
♥was born last october_1986 in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Phil.
♥DEP graduate of STI College-Davao
♥a responsible & loving daughter and sister as well.
♥a loyal friend.
♥God Fearing
♥a blogger...:P
♥a nice companion
♥understanding & caring
♥very independent
♥proudly Filipina
♥proudly ilongga
♥been awarded as "Most Talkative"
♥i want to be alone than to have a bad companion.
♥i am not tall but not so short..just a simple cute***wink
♥i'm addict to bookworm and text twist.
♥i do texting whenever i feel alone..
♥i enjoy strolling with my friends..
♥i'm dreamin to have a happy family someday.
♥sometimes i hate "makulit"..(makulit kasi ako)
♥Inner and physical beauty.
♥Brave and fearless
♥Day Dreamer
♥Does not care to control emotions.
♥Treat friends importantly
♥Always making friends
♥i hate fake friends.
♥i hate irresponsible people.
♥i hate being underestimated.
♥i hate MATH.
♥i hate plastic!
♥i hate hypocrite and back fighter.
♥i hate problems..:(
♥i love to eat mango..
♥i love to sleep
♥i love to plant flowers
♥i love to do household chores except cooking.. :(
♥i love talking in a right place and time.
♥i love coffee.
♥i love dress making.
♥i love computer.
♥i love my work..:)
♥i love ESPC
♥i love debates
♥i love my family
♥i love my friends
♥i love people who love me too.
♥i love reading tagalog romance pocket books.
♥i love you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deal or No Deal??

Here I am again..

I have something to share...

May nakipag deal kasi sa iyon ay si
<--- kenneth c. palabrica, one of my closest officemate and friend as well..

gusto niyang maging slim... kasi naman sabi nya fat guy dw sya...

Ito ang aming kasunduan...

Dapat sa sulod sa isa ka bulan mamayat na sya kay kung dili... LIBREHON ko niya sa eat all you can... pero kung mudaog sya.. naku patay kang bata ka,, ako ang MANGLIBRE sa iyaha.. sa dihang,, mapilde lang unta sya noh??? Hadlok jud ko bah,,, basin madaog sya..


Monday, August 25, 2008

Tagged from Chizmosa lounge

Chizmosa lounge had just recently tagged Me to be part of this thing, she instructed me to give three answers on each question. But I want five(5) answers in each question..

Thanks to you chizmosa lounge!!! :)

Here’s the rule…

Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag three people in your list! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

1. Places I go over and over






2. People who e-mails me regularly

*Mindanao Bloggers(Yahoo Group)

*Friendster update

*SPAM mails

*STI College Davao (Yahoo Group)

*My Client

3. Five of my favorite places to eat?


*Mang Manok



*Sa kilid-kilid lang

4. Places you’d rather be?





*Sultan Kudarat

5. Five TV shows I could watch over and over.


*Pinoy Dream Academy (Gala Night only)




6. Five people I think (and hope) will respond.

*Ate Nona


*Cecile 'n Matt




Thursday, August 21, 2008

KDK(kenneth, Dennis and Kurt)

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fill in the Blanks

This is from Ate Nona Thanks po..hhehehe sorry delayed gid bah,..


My roomate and I once : *kumain manggang hilaw.. hayun sumakit ng sobra ang aming tyan.. *agay!
Never in my life have I : *tried to travel in far places...
High school was : *full of happiest, wackiest and naughtiest memories.

When I’m nervous : *I keep smiling...
My hair : * is long and semi-curly..
When I was 5: * until now, I was so afraid to be on hospital.
When I turned my head left : * It’s my teammate Belle who's very busy doing her task..
I should be : * chit-chat with belle... wahahahah always and forever..
By this time next year : * I couldn’t think yet..
My favorite aunt is : *dunno.. I really like them all.
I have a hardtime understanding : * and learning how to speak Nihonggo..Frustrated na talaga ako.huhuhuhu
You know I like you: *If you like me too. Lol!
My ideal breakfast is : *fried dried fish, rice, fried egg and coffee.. hmm yummy! ***wink..
If you visit my hometown : *I'm sure you will enjoy... :D

If you spend the night at my house : * I would make you feel at home and comfortable..kaya lang bahay kubo lang iyon...wahahahha pasensya..

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : * our carabao ...waahhaha :D
I shouldn’t have been : * Living alone......

Last night : * I'm busy texting with my brother...lols
A better name for me would be : *Jean..
I’ve been told I look like : *Charming angel sent by heaven...wahhahaha
If I could have any car it would be: *Multi-cab lang cguro.. wahahaha para kasya buong family..papasok pa ang fresh from the window..

I am tagging Reyna Flor, Bojoy, Mitch, Vale, Czy, Belle, Dennis, Molit, Jacob, Ronald, Jig Dean and anyone who couldn’t think of anything to post, like me!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

She made it!

Star Scholar's of the week

Finally... Ms. Laarni Losala got the highest grade on the individual performances they showed last 9th Gala and Expulsion Night at the PDA Hall. To you Laarni, Congratulations.. Keep up the good work!

Pls visit Chismosa Lounge for more information.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Who was your Last?"

Rule 1: If you opened this you GOTTA
take it.
Rule 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain
ANYTHING unless someone messages you
and asks
Rule 3: Only answer truthfully

"Who was your last?"

1. Had a coke with?
_mommy,daddy,manong,tatay,lolo,lola and emo.. wahahhaha
2.Went to the movies with?
_Jonabelle... my adapted sis.. nyaheheheh...*wink
3. Went to the mall with?
_Jonald and Reyna...
4. Talked on the phone with?
_my mamang
5. Made you laugh?
_karen... my another adapted sister...
6. You hugged? aunt who's younger than me.
7. You yelled at?
_si Lloyd..

1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
2. Be serious or be funny?
3. Drink milk or coffee?
4. Die in a fire or get shot?
_get shot

1. Sun or moon?
2. Winter or Fall
3. Left or right?
4. Sunny or Rainy?
5. Peach or Pear?
6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut
7. Do You Cook?
8. Current mood?
1. Kissed someone special?
_my little brother
2. Sing?
_songs won't like me..:P
3. Been hugged?
4. Danced Crazy?
_dunno to dance:P
5. Cried?

Post this with title: "Who was your Last?"

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hi Guyz!
Hmmmppp... wala akong ganang mag update ng blog ko.. tskk tsskk.. ewan pero dunno what 2 do. Andami ko ng problema, halos mabaliw na ako sa kakaisip na para bang wala ng solusyon but still here I am again..Standing and Fighting!
But God is good all the time. He always there for me. Kaya lang minsan iniisip ko bakit ganito? parang hindi ata pantay ang tao, may mga mayayaman, may mga mahihirap, may mga magagaling at matatapang, may mga tao ding nasa kanila ang lahat.. Ang ganda panoorin ang mga taong ganito na wari bang walang problema ngunit ako heto parang hindi ata nauubusan,,,

Sana lang kahit ngayong 08-08-08 kahit sandaling oras lang magkakaroon ako ng kunting katahimikan...

Gusto ko ring magpasalamat kay Belle dahil ipinaalala nya sa aking 08-08-08 pala ngayon..sabi nya swerte raw ang araw na ito.. hmmp sana

Gusto ko ring pasalamatan ang lahat ng problemang dumating at naging bahagi ng buhay ko sapagkat ito ang naging dahilan kaya habang tumatagal lalo akong tumatapang at patuloy na lumalaban

Sa aking tatay at mamang, mga bro ko salamat din dahil andyan kayo palagi hehehhe hindi nyo ako iniiwan..Kayo lamang ang tanging dahilan kung bakit kahit mahirap nagsusumikap ako.. wish ko na rin na gumaling ka na tatay ko..

Sincerest thanks to all my friends, officemates, blogmates, textmates, classmates, schoolmates, housemates, chatmates at sa lahat pang mates ko..

Yoshiko @ 10

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today

Hmmm....Search??? uu school affair sa PNJK.. Grade 2 noon si Aiko at sya ang naging Reyna! Yehey!!!
After Church.. habang hinihintay naming lumabas si mama lea at ate miho nag posing anay aiko lang ata ang pinaka maganda..(tsk..tskk..)oist... ang saya nyo ata ah?? halos hindi na makita si Lloyd nyan...
With Ate jen2x, Ate Miho and John Lloyd..

Happy Birthday Aiko!!!! We Love You!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A perfect blend of friendship award

My sincerest thanks to Nona for sharing with me this award.

Thank you for considering me as one of your new friend in blogworld. Very appreciated. Halong ka gid da sa china ha..Mwah!

So now, it's my turn to share this award to my fellow bloggers: Czyrel, Lili Vale, Kurt, Dennis, Belle, Jam, Cinderella, Jacob, Darlyn, Aice, Jigs, Ronald, Joanna, Bevs, Mitch, Dean Ryan, Rhea Mae, Chai, Molit, Arjay and to You.