Monday, August 11, 2008

"Who was your Last?"

Rule 1: If you opened this you GOTTA
take it.
Rule 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain
ANYTHING unless someone messages you
and asks
Rule 3: Only answer truthfully

"Who was your last?"

1. Had a coke with?
_mommy,daddy,manong,tatay,lolo,lola and emo.. wahahhaha
2.Went to the movies with?
_Jonabelle... my adapted sis.. nyaheheheh...*wink
3. Went to the mall with?
_Jonald and Reyna...
4. Talked on the phone with?
_my mamang
5. Made you laugh?
_karen... my another adapted sister...
6. You hugged? aunt who's younger than me.
7. You yelled at?
_si Lloyd..

1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
2. Be serious or be funny?
3. Drink milk or coffee?
4. Die in a fire or get shot?
_get shot

1. Sun or moon?
2. Winter or Fall
3. Left or right?
4. Sunny or Rainy?
5. Peach or Pear?
6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut
7. Do You Cook?
8. Current mood?
1. Kissed someone special?
_my little brother
2. Sing?
_songs won't like me..:P
3. Been hugged?
4. Danced Crazy?
_dunno to dance:P
5. Cried?

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  1. haha, two adapted sister, ampunin mo rin ako jean hehe.
    You would rather be serious? me too, kasi sabi nila funny daw ako, eh gusto ko maging seryoso :D

  2. yes, I would rather be serious.. ehheheh funny din dw kasi ako.. hahahaha or cguro natatawa lang sila sa mukha ko.

    oo dami kong adapted sister, paano kasi puro lalaki kapatid ko. hmmm pwd ka bang maging adapted sis ko?

  3. OO bah, sige ako ang ate at ikaw ang younger sis ko. Kasi wala akong younger sis eh. Puro ate! saka mas matanda ako sa iyo haha, mukha ka pang baby eh. :)

  4. cge... from now on.. ate nona na tawag ko sayo,, wala din kasi akong ate eh,,, heheheh salamat:)

    dito nga sa office namin "bata" tawag nila sa akin..hmmm cge lang mas matanda namn sila sa akin..

    tsaka ewan.. love ata ako ng lupa eh para bang ndi ako

  5. kaya pala si jean cute and deliberate kasi serious pala mood niya (^_^)
    nice lagi ni siya akala ko may meaning at the end (^_^)

  6. sure sis! nami man gani :)
    Di ko na makita tagboard mo? diin na?