Sunday, August 31, 2008

About ME

All about me..:D

♥just call me "jean"
♥100% human being..:)
♥a simple lady,,,
♥was born last october_1986 in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Phil.
♥DEP graduate of STI College-Davao
♥a responsible & loving daughter and sister as well.
♥a loyal friend.
♥God Fearing
♥a blogger...:P
♥a nice companion
♥understanding & caring
♥very independent
♥proudly Filipina
♥proudly ilongga
♥been awarded as "Most Talkative"
♥i want to be alone than to have a bad companion.
♥i am not tall but not so short..just a simple cute***wink
♥i'm addict to bookworm and text twist.
♥i do texting whenever i feel alone..
♥i enjoy strolling with my friends..
♥i'm dreamin to have a happy family someday.
♥sometimes i hate "makulit"..(makulit kasi ako)
♥Inner and physical beauty.
♥Brave and fearless
♥Day Dreamer
♥Does not care to control emotions.
♥Treat friends importantly
♥Always making friends
♥i hate fake friends.
♥i hate irresponsible people.
♥i hate being underestimated.
♥i hate MATH.
♥i hate plastic!
♥i hate hypocrite and back fighter.
♥i hate problems..:(
♥i love to eat mango..
♥i love to sleep
♥i love to plant flowers
♥i love to do household chores except cooking.. :(
♥i love talking in a right place and time.
♥i love coffee.
♥i love dress making.
♥i love computer.
♥i love my work..:)
♥i love ESPC
♥i love debates
♥i love my family
♥i love my friends
♥i love people who love me too.
♥i love reading tagalog romance pocket books.
♥i love you!


  1. Nice to meet you Jean! Got to know more about you a little bit;)

    BTW, I Love Math, LOL

  2. Ikinagagalak kitang makilala jean, naks ah! ang lalim ng tagalog ko. toast tayo sa kape! :)

  3. very nice to know about you jean.
    i heard about you since hyskol even im not from your bnhs.even im not in phils i still heard and read about you.very nice tlga.hope mkilala kita ng personal.heheh wish ko lang