Monday, August 18, 2008

Fill in the Blanks

This is from Ate Nona Thanks po..hhehehe sorry delayed gid bah,..


My roomate and I once : *kumain manggang hilaw.. hayun sumakit ng sobra ang aming tyan.. *agay!
Never in my life have I : *tried to travel in far places...
High school was : *full of happiest, wackiest and naughtiest memories.

When I’m nervous : *I keep smiling...
My hair : * is long and semi-curly..
When I was 5: * until now, I was so afraid to be on hospital.
When I turned my head left : * It’s my teammate Belle who's very busy doing her task..
I should be : * chit-chat with belle... wahahahah always and forever..
By this time next year : * I couldn’t think yet..
My favorite aunt is : *dunno.. I really like them all.
I have a hardtime understanding : * and learning how to speak Nihonggo..Frustrated na talaga ako.huhuhuhu
You know I like you: *If you like me too. Lol!
My ideal breakfast is : *fried dried fish, rice, fried egg and coffee.. hmm yummy! ***wink..
If you visit my hometown : *I'm sure you will enjoy... :D

If you spend the night at my house : * I would make you feel at home and comfortable..kaya lang bahay kubo lang iyon...wahahahha pasensya..

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : * our carabao ...waahhaha :D
I shouldn’t have been : * Living alone......

Last night : * I'm busy texting with my brother...lols
A better name for me would be : *Jean..
I’ve been told I look like : *Charming angel sent by heaven...wahhahaha
If I could have any car it would be: *Multi-cab lang cguro.. wahahaha para kasya buong family..papasok pa ang fresh from the window..

I am tagging Reyna Flor, Bojoy, Mitch, Vale, Czy, Belle, Dennis, Molit, Jacob, Ronald, Jig Dean and anyone who couldn’t think of anything to post, like me!


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  1. Thanks for doing the tag inday hehehe. Carabao...sige tapos angkas tayo. lol!