Monday, October 6, 2008

A surprise BIRTHDAY CARD from Mitch

**This birthday card given by Mitch my co-worker and friend as well. Thank you Mitch, I truly admire it. You are the only person who give a birthday card on my 22nd birth anniversary. (October 03) though I received some memorable gifts from my family and other friends... **wink

Thank you for being good to me. Thank you for imparting your moments on me. Because of you, I recognize what genuine friendship means.

*****kahilak ko thumbtacks ani.. ahehhehee...


  1. Hala..ako una ngcomment diri hahahhaha..welcome jean hehhehee..thanks din sa KFC drinks..Sayang wala ko naka order ug todo nyahahhaha unexpected man pud gud tu akung lakaw atu hehehehhehe aping mwahhh! (*_*)

  2. ahehhehe lamat mitch! salamat pud kay wala ka nag order ug todo:P hehehe