Thursday, October 9, 2008

15 Weird Things


Shurikenstuff tagged me for the first time.. Sincerest thanks team m8! I truly admire it.. **wink.. Sorry for the delayed post, got so many task this week.. **sigh

RULE: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. NO TAG backs!

15 Common weird things about me:

1. I love Dried Fish -- Hehehehehe.. Believe me, I will survive for more than one month even the partner of my plain rice is Dried Fish.. Yummy!!!

I really love to sleep-- During my leisure time I prefer to sleep and sleep even I am hungry.. grrrr... to hell with this attitude...

I am coffee addicted-- When I got headache "the only pain reliever" is coffee..

4. I hate beaches and pools!!-- why?? because I don't know how to swim..

I don't like beef loaf/meatloaf-- I prefer to eat sardines than this.. grrr... I don't like the taste.

I can't sleep without an eye cover and blanket -- I really want to cover my eyes when I am sleeping.

I love watching tv than listening a music -- Hehehehehe... I can live without stereo but I can't live without television.

8. I love my family so much-- Don't dare me, I will give my life to my mamang, tatay and brothers just to make them happy.. :D

I love to do household chores except cooking-- Yes, Because till this time I have a big problems in cooking.. Hindi po ako masarap magluto..:((..

10. I love others more than myself-- Dunno why..

I hate English -- Maybe I can't speak fluently and can't write correct grammar.

I can't go without my umbrella -- Because umbrella is my only protection during rainy and sunny season.. :P

I can kill those hypocrite and back fighter person -- Don't underestimate me.. if you love your life.

I can fly higher than the sky -- yes, it's true.. matutulog muna ako ha... heheheh

I don't have trust in you -- Shhh... That's why I didn't take this seriously.. ahehehhee bleeeeee :P

I am passing this
15 weird things to: ..

1. Dennis
2. Vale
3. Ate Nona
4. Mabel
5. Borgee
6. Jacob
7. Jeremy
8. Marky
9. Arjaeuse

10. Jigs


  1. hahaha, interesting stuff about u, xlink? sure, already added yous

  2. hi jean salamat sa tag. ay oi, mambistohay man kaayo ni nga tag oi. tan-awon lng nako jwan kung maka buhat ba ko ani ha. nalingaw pod ko sa 15 ka weird things about sa imo. hilig jud diay ka og tulog no?
    maka pataas mandaw nang tulog. ahahaha nasubraan ra tingali ka jean sama sa akoa.

  3. Hello.. wow!!!! Thanks so much for ur tag!.... I really appreciate that.. :) TC and God Bless

  4. uie unsa naman pud ni naa npud ko tag...

    laina aning tag uie...mka buking mani... sa musogot npud ko og dili mo tagged pud ko ani ba..


    cge daw be try nako himo kung naa ko spare daw ...hehe

  5. Oh,I love dried fish too. I love to sleep as well. You have a bunch of enjoyable things there. Take care. Gandang araw sau!

  6. Baw damo ta pareho ba, di makatulog kapag walang blanket and cover sa mata, di rin ako kumakain ng meatloafs beef man or pork. Di talaga ako kumakain meat eh. Ako rin baya gusto sardinas...ligo,555, hakone kahit ano hahaha masarap naman talaga.
    Gagawin ko to sister, thanks sa tag ha. Sensiya di masyado nakakaikot eh. Busy *kuno* ara kay kalaba gid sang comment ko lol!