Thursday, October 30, 2008

October last post...=))


I got so many task that's why I don't have enough time for blogging.. hmmpt! But it's ok.. I feel bored into blogging dunno why.. hahayz.. but here I am again posting for the events I've done this October.. eheheheh

October is my favorite month..=p Well..well..well.. juz wanna post an update about the latest in me..
October 03 is my birth anniversary,,,ehheheh it was memorable and unforgettable because I celebrated it with my mamang, tatay, brothers, relatives and friends in my hometown.. They we're very much happy coz after 4 long years... I went home to celebrate my 22nd birth anniversary with them.. ahhehehhehe... I'm so touch coz, I've been noticed how special I am to them.. nakz.. Precious Gem daw ko..toinkz.. Ayaw palag uie.....

My loving mamang and tatay..

Simple yet memorable celebration.. ahehhee.. Problema ko lang na out of budget ako..:(( nakakahiya naman kasing humingi ng money sa mamang at tatay ko kasi..kasi... may trabaho na ako...

My "j" brothers (Latest Pic)----->

They're my loving siblings.. aahhahaha all boys.. I'm the only princess of this big and happy family..
I'm the eldest, followed by Jepee, Jose Gerito Jr., Jovel Mark, Jay Cris and James Cee.. Mga lalaki man silang lahat ngunit hindi iyon naging hadlang upang maging magkasundo kaming anim.. Dami noh? We're six siblings in the family..

By this month also, I got some good news.. aheheheh... first, I was invited by my loving cousin to attend his wedding.. A big grin because I have a great role on his big event (one of the bride's maid.)... but sad to say I didn't come because I was too busy.. short hindi ako naging bride's maid..well.. well..I asked favor from my cousin Sheena Angel to be my proxy.. :(( bawi nalang ako next time..

On the 13th day of this month, I received my evaluation.. I passed it! Yehey!! Thanks first to our Almighty God for everything He has given me.. Also to Selfgrowth family for giving a great grade and comment to me.. To Maam Ju, our Branch Manager... madamo gid nga salamat sa imo.. salamat gid sa paghatag sang chance para maka work ako dire sa ESPC... Happy gid ako nga maging isa sa mga agent dire.. Tnx maam.. Also to Maam Mel, thanks for the awesome grade.. hehehe thanks also for the guidance and training that you've given me during my probationary period.. To Maam net, Maam Ivy, Maam Mai, Sir Allan, Sir Cesar, Sir Thone and Kuya Mike, sincerest thanks to all the kindness you have given me and I treasure it so much..

hmmmmm... Special thanks to Clent and Dennis my college Intensive English classmates and friend as well, kasi kayo ang nag inform sa akin na hiring pa ang ESPC.. dili naku na makalimtan..

My officemates, blogmates and friends (many to mention) salamat sa tanan ninyo nga kaayo kanaku.. aehhehhe...

Happy Halloween! !!! awooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...



  1. have a great great big family, damo ninyo...kami mas damo 11 siblings...and I'm the youngest haha.Masaya di ba? Your family's the best blessing indeed, God is great jean...daming biyaya no?
    Oo nga pala MIA yung site ko missing in action ay ewan ko ba.

  2. ah!! kuyawa oi.mura mag nakadawat og international award.hehe.

    naa kay plano mag guest sa oprah?hehe

    congrats and im happy for you. good girl!!

  3. @Nona

    aheheheh Great big family gid te..

    Im the eldest.. and you're the youngest.. ahahaha magkasundo talaga tayo nito..

    Yes te, Best blessing gid ang family ko.

  4. @Hi!! This is Chai...

    Aw... kuyaw jud..sobra pa sa international award jud...

  5. Pa cute effect yung mga kapatid mo...hehehe....Ikaw ang princess? Baka maging Prince k rin? joke na totoo...hehehe joke... Nice family and family pic and ty for the comment