Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Birthday Celebration..

Compared to my other birth anniversary this year was different full of blessings, surprises and imparted with love from family, friends and most especially our Almighty God.

I didn't even notice that my birthday was fast approaching not until close family and friends started send message and greeting me personally. But sad to say the people whom I expected a lot failed to greet me.. :( maybe they're just busy with their career and life as well. Ahehehheheheh... I understand their situation because I was busy too. Hehehhe

Salamat po sa lahat ng bumati. Through text message, phone calls, blog messages, friendster messages and instant messages Lalo na sa araw ng aking kaarawan,,, Here's the top 3.. hehehhe Thank you Belle, dahil kaw ang unang nag text sa akin.. Gosh,, 12:28 am Hahhaahahaha.. Salamat din kay Reyn Nadera 12:38 am din.. kay ate Jiji Dordas..

Thank you Xerxes dahil pinautang mo ako kaya nagkaroon ako ng pamasahe pauwi.. Bleeeeeeh dili ta ka bayaran.nyahahahah

Special thanks to my tatay, mamang and brothers for the very simple surprise salo-salo.. ahehehhe kahit saglit nawala ang kuryente ay pinasaya nyo parin ako.

Thank you Denia Federizo (my highschool classmate and closefriend..) binisita mo ako sa bahay..

Thanks to my superiors for giving me a good evaluation..

Thanks Mitch for the birthday Card.

Thanks to lolo, lola, mommy, daddy, tatay, tikig, devil, unggoy, and ate sa paghatag ug cake.. Speechless ko.. ahehhe..

Salamat sa lahat..



  1. Huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin. Pero kahit na batiin pa rin kita ng "MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN sister!" Be happy always. :)

  2. Salamat ate Nona,, mwah

  3. Hey Jean! belated sorry was not able to greet you on time, pahabol ha ;)
    anyway I had the best on my bertday :) it in our blog ...