Monday, January 28, 2008

Small Christmas Tree in a piece of paper.

Twenty six days to go is “Christmas day”. In my mind I am always asking if what is the best gift for my mom, dad, brother, sister, special friend and to my jo? One day is not enough to go to malls to shop all the gifts that I wanted to give to all my love ones. If I have a lot of money then I can buy all the items I want in the malls. That's my big problem! I sat on the floor thinking about my simple problem I was amazed at then when I found one piece of a green grass. A shape of a grass is similar to the Christmas tree. I was laughing.. hahahahaha why it did not came to my mind? I will make a Christmas tree for them. Hmmm sound nice, since Christmas is coming I will gave them a Christmas tree for a unique one. But it was too big and expensive, until I came to the point that, I will put the Christmas tree in a piece of paper.
I prepare all materials that I am going to use a piece of paper, the leaves and glue. I pasted the leave in piece of paper and wow I really appreciate the output. A very unique Christmas card! Simple card but made from my heart. Then I wrote my personal message to them The card was made by my personal touch and my own imagination
Christmas day came, I know that my love ones expect for a gift. When I gave my gift to them they amaze. They discovered how artistic I am. My mom smile and say “We're thankful to have you in our life”. The word of appreciation is very priceless. A moment ago I've learned that if you have a talent you need to explore it follow the desires of your heart.

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