Monday, January 28, 2008

Secrets in Leadership

Are you tired of being teased by the people around you that you're not a good leader? Have you ever tried to research about the good leadership?Well, everyone is not born to be a leader but has chance to be a good one. Good leadership is started from yourself. To be a leader is not a privilege but it is the right that we can enhance ourselves.
My high school classmate is always a part of clubs and organizations in our school. She always received the leadership award during the end of our academic year. She has the potential in leadership. Why? Because she always think about her members wants and needs. She's strict but in a right time and place. She did what she had promise and most of all she is a God fearing woman. Our teacher asked her secrets why all her members follow to her but she said that “ The best recipe is glorifying God and have a confident that you can handle an organization. Be honest and do what you have promise.”
Try to research more about leadership and read some guidelines.this search engine can help you a lot
Start to lead yourself and even you are not belong in any organization you can tell the world that you're a good leader also. Be a model of your classmate, your friends and even to your family.If you do that, for sure you will walk in a right path.

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