Monday, January 28, 2008

My Real Santa Claus

Did you see Santa Claus in personal? What Santa did in your life that full of color? When I was in grade school, I had always dream of Santa. I want Santa to be my side during Christmas. I was wishing' that on the my special day Santa will pay a visit in our house. The Santa that wear a red dress and handling many gifts in his bag. As many Christmas passed, I didn't saw him in a person. And I realize that maybe there's no Santa at all.
Before Christmas day, I am wishing for a Barbie doll gift. One day, when I wake up early in the morning December 25, 2004 on my cabinet I saw a gift that was address to me. To: my loving Daughter Im so excite when I opened the gift. It was a doll that I am wishing for! A very cute Barbie Doll. I go to my mother's bedroom and shout for joy. “Mama, Mama I received a gift.” My mama smile and say “You're wishing for a doll right? Then, Santa gave it to you she delivered it personally in your room.” I asked mama” Why I didn't saw Santa?”. She replied, “My loving daughter, Santa is here”she touch my heart. At that time, I guess what my mother wanted to express.That Santa is alive! I saw Santa with blood and flesh and they we're my loving parents.
One morning, in the classroom our teacher asked us “Is Santa real?.” some of my classmates answered that yes and some said there's no Santa excess. They are shock when I answered “Yes! There's a Santa, I hug and kiss Santa always and I saw Santa everyday.” The class was so silent when I continue to explain. “Real Santa Claus is our parents because they provide all our needs”.

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