Monday, March 9, 2009

Word for the day?Doy.. Doy..Doy...

Got this survey from Ms. Shewaaaa

1. Story behind your primary picture in FS?
==kanang padulong man ko ana sa AOV Christmas Party 2008.
2. Do you love chocolates?
==Super inlove! who doesn't?!
3. Are you emo?
4. Song you adore the most?
==Thanks to you by: Tyler Collins and You by: Carpenters
5. Your current mood in one word?
== Emo.
6. Latest realization?
==first,my mind and heart should be balance. Second, Past is Past. Third, Chance is only given once or twice.

7 . In love with whom?
==Myself. hahaha

8. Story behind your background music?
==im listening to Vina Morales : Love Me For what I am..
9. Last place you hangout?
==Pantry.. Here sa office.
10. First band/group you liked?
11. First music video you enjoyed?
==Hindi naman ako mahilig. Ok lang kung wala
12. Favorite lines from a song?
== Madami.....1.(*) youve got lo love me For what I am For simply being me,Dont love me For what you intend Or hope that I will be And if youre only using me To feed your fantasy Youre really not in love So let me go I must be free"

13. Word for the day?
==Doy.. Doy..Doy...
14. What is the last comment you received?
==My Ex asking kung ano daw ang maitutulong nya sa akin.. hahayz.. Wala na koy plano.
15. Are you missing someone?
==YES! My mamang and tatay.
16. Last time you got tipsy/drunk?
==last saturday and sunday,, waaaaaaa,,, first time uie.
17. What does the last text message you receive say?
==Si Karreza Mae, my high school classmate nanghangyo nga e-save daw naku iya new number.
18. Do you smoke?
== nope!
19. Usual first impression on you?
==Flirt Daw ingon si_______...=( Pero friendly naman.. nyahahaha
20. Favorite tv series?
==Betty La Fea.
21. Current addiction/passion?
==text2..facebook, Friendster and Blogging.
22. What course are you planning to study for college?
==done with the college,,wala na koy balak mag i wish i could go back to college.. it's fun and exciting!
23. Last person you talked to on the phone?
==Si Robert. A loving friend from abroad. Thank you sa tawag friend!
24. Last thing your mom told you?
== "pag si tatay mo gani mangayo kwarta gapalak dayon ka pero kon ako wala.. wahahha kalooy man si mamang sina ne"
25. Last thing your dad told you?
== "Ti ne, san-o ko makita umagad ko?"" hahahah ambisyoso!
26. Do you still feel your answer in no.5?
==naks i forgot.. balikan daw nku beh.!
27. May gumugulo ba sa love life mo ngayon?
== Meron...! meron!!! as in Meron! grrrrrrrrrr....

Now, I am passing this survey to my Friend Clent.

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  1. sosyalan na comment:

    Colorful jud ni si jean ba.

    tipsy ka diay atong sat ug sun? tsk tsk tsk. congrats sa pers time!hehe

    agi2x ra ko ga.bow