Thursday, February 5, 2009

Horoscope Today


Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)[

The Bottom line :Friends and family should be top priority now, because they always have your back.

In Detailed: Friends and family should be foremost in your mind right now, because they are the people who always have your back. New faces may promise intrigue, excitement or even romance, but they could also bring nothing but stress, disappointment and drama. What you need right now is reliability -- you need to be with people who know you inside and out. That's the best way to relax and just be yourself. So make time to reconnect or to just kick back at home with those who love you.

Minsan parang gusto ko ng maniwala dito.. tsk2x.. Bawat words na ginamit dito ay pawang katotohanan,.,, *sigh..

hahayz.. nway, tama naman talaga guys. Friends and family should be top priority now.

Happy Friday!!! This is my fave day so hindi ako ma bad trip ngayon... **wink


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