Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 things you dont know about me~~


I got this tagged from my loving friend Vee . ..Thanks girl ...mwahhhugz....

~~10 things you don't know about me~~

1. I can't go without my bag.....
2. I am copy/cut/paste master.. nyahahhahaha
3. I love to be alone than to have a bad companion..
4. Beware of me coz I am.... dictator, if you want to be part of my life make it sure you're ready to follow my rules and regulations..
5. I'm inlove to chocolates and Ice cream.
6. I'm certified pet society addict..nyahahha(add me up sa facebook)
7. Beware of me again, I have the ability to catch your attention.
8. I am a frustrated mananahi.. hakhak..
9. Love life is not my top priority right now.
10. I am a precious gem...

I am tagging my twelve blogging friends..

1. Dean Ryan
2.Laurie Amor
3. Rhea Mae
4. Lili Vale
5. Czyrel
6. Dennis
7.Kenneth Louie
9.Belle Joy
11. Jigs



  1. aw...luoya pud ni angkol te oi...

    di jud d i priority ang love life as of this momentum!!!!


  2. @eve
    ai indi gid ga.. wala ko anaf time para dira.. aheheh...