Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to write an effective email?

Email compositions are different from paper compositions and speech. Email must have a :

a. Proper Context -by giving useful subject lines, avoiding pronouns in the first three lines and quoting the previous message.

b. Format-If you don't know what email reader your correspondent has, play it safe.

Don't use formatted ,be aware of special characters, send web pages as text, type in http:// before your URL and be cautious with attachments. Also bear in mind that punctuation doesn't mix well with URLs or quotations of things people should type.

c. Page lay-out- Keep everything short. Keep your lines short, paragraphs and message short.

d. Gestures and Intonation- It is difficult for most people to express emotion well in a short message. Fortunately, you can use a number of textual tricks to help convey the emotion asterisks (for emphasis), capital letters, punctuation, whitespace and lower-case letters .

e. Status- need to be aware of what signals you may be giving your correspondents and how to counteract them if you feel they may be incorrect.

* Language status can be improved by using grammar- and spell-checkers.

* Signatures or self-introductions can reduce misconceptions.

Hopefully, reading this guide will make you more informed when composing future email messages...

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