Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spooky But Fun Halloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Halloween is not any fun without cool decorations outside the home waiting for the trick or treaters who come by in the evening. If you are stuck with the same old Halloween outdoor decorating ideas for the past several years, it is time to get out of the rut.

Personalized Ideas For Halloween Outdoor Decorating 

Why not carve pumpkins to line the entrance to your home by personalizing them for all members of the family? If Dad has lost all his hair on the top of his head, only add yarn or felt to the sides of the head. If seven year old Jake has recently lost his top front teeth, then make his pumpkin look just like him. If Mom is known for her bright red lipstick and teenager Sarah for her funky hairdos, then dress up the pumpkins accordingly.

Some families also enjoy making R.I.P tombstones for all members of the family. They have funny sayings on them that are sure to please most. However, some people find it disrespectful and creepy to see your own name on a tombstone so use your discretion.

White silly string can easily be used to create a spider web of sorts. Add some huge craft store yarn spiders (or make your own) so that they complete the web. If you can find glow in the dark varieties of materials, you can even add some more fun to your Halloween outdoor decorating ideas.

Another fun Halloween outdoor decorating idea is making ghosts. All you need to do is inflate balloons and then cover them with a sheet or old tablecloth and tie it around the neck. then have fun drawing on silly faces. If you fill the balloons with helium they will stay upright for longer. Have fun watching them bob up and down. you can add other outdoor hanging d├ęcor items like pumpkin lights and Boo! signs to illuminate your house as well as make it look more festive.

Some people recycle things they have at home to make a fun scarecrow for their front yard. You can simply dress up an old broom with the clothes you haven't worn for years but are still hesitant to throw out because you believe you'll be a size 2 again. Put up the scarecrow with a spooky Halloween message a few days prior to the main day so kids know which is the house they should definitely go to on their trick or treat route.

So don’t just rush out to the party or craft store as soon as October rolls around. Chances are you can come up with more creative Halloween outdoor decorating ideas right at home!

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