Saturday, March 27, 2010


I don't know what to feel, to do and to think. So weird. It is fully occupied by nothing! You know why?Kasi po dahil sa sobrang dami hindi ko na alam kung anu at alin ang uunahin. But I trust and I pray to our almighty God for his guidance and love.

Sometimes I ask God why life is unfair. Why I am different to other people? Why I have a huge problems as always? Why I need to work hard and hard to provide anything for myself and to my family? Why is it my hardwork is not enough to provide anything I want? Why there's a lot of people who are too boastful and want to pull me down? Why, why, why?? Why I have this kind of life?

But then, I knew that my life has a purpose. God loves me so much and I will survive... So far, He never leave me even though I'd always ignore Him. Thanks for everything my Lord. Also, It was a blessing to have louie in my life. Thank you so much for the love and care.. ^_^

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  1. "a blessing to have louie in my life"


    Have + Kenneth Louie = A Blessed Life :x

    ahehehe... kasweet na lng...

    don't wori about the probs ga, like what u said to me, 'makalingkawas ra ka ana'... hehehe...

    Luvyah ga, Hapi anniv sa inyo.. wish u more success and happiness always:D