Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spending my Christmas alone.


It was my very first time to spent my christmas eve alone.. Grr.... But I was happy then.... u knw wat? I got enough rest and sleep. ..weeeeeeeeee **wink

I got bad nigthmare but very memorable. It will stored in my heart and mind and unforgotten. Thanks for that mare, it helps me to found out my weaknesses.

I love to be alone than to have a bad companion. I felt so bad... it seems andaming nakatago sa aking “smilin' face” Yes.. I keep on smiling to hide my heartahces, to runaway my problems and to tell the truth that “I hate the WORLD!”

Thanks to all “my special loveones” who never get tired in loving and caring me. Thanks for bein good to me. I really treasured it so much.

Salamat din sa inyong paghahanga sa aking mga kakayahan...


Wish myself a peace of mind, good health and strenght to face the real world. :P

Happy Reading!


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