Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I am a fan of Valentine's Day simply because I have someone to celebrate with :p. What I mean is I have my loving family, friends and boyfriend? haha!Being a simple person, I've always wanted to have a very romantic date on my valentines day. whew!Though, I've a lot of experiences on valentines date but this year is the BEST. Strolling, Dinner, Chitchat and also we'd visited carnival. haha!

I was shocked and surprised for the date given by someone who really close to my heart. wow. chezzy! Many thanks to that special someone. He made my day full of surprises and excitements. He made me happy. Totally happy and I feel that world is awesome to be with. I've realized that life is not unfair! People are unfair. haha! My Hart's Day this year was unique and unforgettable. So sweet of you special someone:)

P.S, thanks to the bouquet of flowers, shaped harts balloon and umbrella. hehe I treasure it so much. Thank you :)

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