Tuesday, November 25, 2008

♥Happy Birthday Tatay♥

He was born last November 26, 1959 in Fernandez, Maayon, Capiz. 3rd son of Mr. Ernesto Villanueva Diaz and Pelagia Dap-og Catalan-Diaz. Today, he is celebrating his 49th birth anniversary.. Hahaha! My tatay you're not getting any younger and birthdays come only once in a year so enjoy your day and have a lots of fun though "walang handaan".

I remember one time when I was around 8 year old or 9, I made mistake and I disobey the house rules and regulation so you asked me "What is the meaning of father?" But instead of answering your question I keep smiling and looking at your face. Wonder why? because at my young age I didn't know what the real meaning of father. You get mad and as penalty "pinaluhod mo ako sa asin" :((. Then I started to hate you. You're so strict and because of that I never enjoy my childhood days.

Time passed by and I matured it dawned on me that all the lessons and advice you shared with me shared with me over the years were all true... You teach us to go direct and follow the right path. You're always proud of us especially me. Because of you and mamang, I found the will to work hard.

Where I am right now and whatever I have now I owe this all from you.

You're a great tatay!

I love you....

Happy 49th Birth Birthday!


  1. te nganong wala man nimo gihandaan c tatay te.padalhi pud wawart.hehe.

    aduuuyy...gipaluhod sa asin. mwuahahaha bleeehh!! tagam pud ka te?

    pero swerte gihapon ni c tatay te noh ky naa sya buotan nga anak. iyang 5 sons.hahaha

    ikaw bitaw to te.hehe

    happy birthday nalang kay tatay oi.hehe

  2. wow....

    kahibi man ta sang asin...

    amo gid na te...

    padayon lang...


    happy birthday sa father mo...

  3. awww...ginpatulo mo guid ya luha ko sister. Bigla ko tuloy namiss si Tatay ko. Naku palangga-a gid kayman ako ya wala na father and mother.
    Happy bday also to your tatay maski late na.

  4. wow ang sweet! :) Hapi Bertday din kay Tatay!

    Sakit siguro lumuhod sa asim? hmmm hope it didn't live any scars...