Tuesday, June 17, 2008

House and Lot for Sale!!!!

RUSH 2 Storey HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: B7, L30 & 32, Encino Street, Beverly Drive, Robinsons Highlands, Buhangin Davao City

Price: Before: 10 million Now:7.5 million Save 2.5 million

with fully furnished:
*1 Master's Bedroom in 2nd floor (with Comfort Room, Bath Room and Terrace)
*2 Bedrooms in 2nd floor (with Comfort Room)
*2 Bedrooms in ground floor (with Comfort Room)
*1 Guest Room in ground floor (with Comfort Room & Japanese Style Ambiance)
*Garage for 2 cars
*1 Extra Comfort Room
*1 Extra Bath Room
*1 Stock Room
*Receiving Area
*Dinning Room
*Kitchen room
*Dirty Kitchen

*With Clean title.

Location: Robinson's Highlands, Buhangin Davao City. For more information about the location please visit Robinson's Highlands website.

Interested Buyer: Please Contact 0909593331 look for Jean or post a comment here And 09277055908 and look for Ginalyn.


  1. ako ang mopalit ana...walay hangyu???
    pahangyua pod ko pod.

    walay haunted house baligya???

  2. hmmp... naay hangyu basta ikaw,,, heheheh lamat sa comment.

  3. hi jean!! i thought this house has been sold long since...but here you are, posting again the same house. Well, gudluck with ur selling and hopefully if you can post and sell a house again, its a more different than this one. para maiba naman.hehe

  4. naks bakit wala pang bumibili ng house na eto?
    mahal kasi :(
    how i wish i can buy it!
    sa wish nalang magkakatotoo

  5. Is there an entertainment/fitness room? yun na lng ang ku lang bah, hehehe dream ko kc ang magkarron ng sarling dream room wherein meron TV, computer, CD/DVD player, All my R&B CDs are there and my bed, of course!

    This house looks cool but you need to offer me an housing insurance + car insurance. the car in the garage looks hot, hehehe Joking!

  6. @ chai..
    ...back out man gud ang buyer ani mao na gi-pa post usab.. nyaehheheh ambot lng if naa pa hauz sunod na e-post kay murag wala na... heheheh

    @ isis' insights
    ..cge start nlng ta wish ani.. if may pera lng ako ako na mismo bibili nito pero saon man kay wala ko money.. toinkz.. heheh lamat sa pag visit...

    @dean ryan martin
    ..walang fitness room eh.. pero malawak ang space nyan kaya pwd pang lagyan.. tsaka ang mga rooms ay malalaki kay pwd din hatiin nlng at lagyan... lamat s apag bisita...

  7. What a beautiful world when you have a beautiful house like this.

    Deirdre G