Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NBN - ZTE, $329 Million Contract?

by: Eden Grace Ramos
Who are the people behind the controversial multi-million dollars contract NBN-ZTE (National Broadband Network-ZTE)? It was an ordinary day last February 7th,2008 when I opened the television set at around 7:30 in the morning to watch a daily morning show on ABS-CBN, Umagang Kay Ganda. It was an unfamiliar person to me that time, that caught my attention.I stood up and walk closely to the monitor and read that Rodolfo "jun" Lozada appeared with his Spiritual Guards on his side at around two (2:00 a.m.) in La Salle Greenhills. I cannot understand why he was on the headline news at that moment. Then I recalled that it was exactly 2 days ago upon his live appearance on national Philippine t.v. that he was the friend of Mr. Romulo Neri-Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) chairman, Senate's SGT @ Arms main target last February 02, 2008. Mr. Lozada, on the other hand feels anxious when he was starting to narrate how he was being involved in the said NBN-ZTE scam. You can see his facial expressions seem to coincide with what he feels at that moment. No wonder telling the truth is not easy, in Mr. Lozada's case he started to light up a candle that can cause a huge disaster. In the sense that he was able to scream out to the public- the truth what is REALLY behind that controversy. You will be the judge of it, fellows. Many admired him for his patriotism but there are some who are left with questions in their minds. Who do you think is telling the truth, the Palace or Mr. Lozada? Was he really kidnapped or it was just an another tactic to delay the senate hearing? Do we really bother to listen to what he said or will just play deaf on this matter?

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